Krzysztof Barcik

An interview with guitarist Krzysztof Barcik
by Tina Hall
January 2011

Krzysztof Barcik

Krzysztof Barcik

Krzysztof Barcik has long been recognized as one of the finest Polish guitarists/composers. While being well versed and educated in the rich tradition of European and American music, Mr.Barcik is a sensitive artist with a professional approach to the realities of today’s music. Krzysztof Barcik, graduated from the University of Miami-Florida and the Academy of Music Katowice-Poland with Special Honors and a Master Degree. He has released 12 original albums to date, 9 of them exclusively for Paris Music Library. He was also commissioned to record solo guitar soundtracks for a major Hollywood and European studios and to perform lead guitar for various European stars recordings resulting in credits on more than 60 albums, many with global distribution. He has several rock fusion hits there. Barcik has created music for TV in the commercial and film markets and has appeared with many of the top performers in jazz and pop music.

Maximum Ink: What was it like growing up in Poland? What is your favorite memory from that time?
Krzysztof Barcik: I spent my childhood in a small village near Cracow. It was the time during “deep communist era” in Poland. My father gave me my first guitar, drums and accordion lessons. He is a musician and retired music teacher as well. I still keep in my memory beautiful sunny summer days and strong winter time from these days.

MI: Were you always interested in music? Who were your influences?
KB: As I remember, music was all the time around me. As a 7-8 year old boy I used to play drums with fathers band when they rehearsed. It was lots of fun for me. Later on I started to play guitar and accordion but guitar was always my favorite instrument. I remember the day, when father bought for me my first electric guitar. It was one of the most important days of my life. When I went to music school I used to listen lot of jazz music but not only that. Fusion, pop, jazz rock,rock and classical music was always around me as well. Influences? Oh, yes, lots of great musicians to name: Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Weather Report, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones and more. This is just “my roots”. I just feel and hear their influences in some of my music projects.

MI: When you went to school at Miami did you miss there? What does it feel like to come to the US from abroad? What did you enjoy most about life here in the US?
KB:  I went to the University of Miami School of Music in 1994 where I studied and was a teaching assistant. I received my Masters Degree, in Jazz Performance in 1996. It was one of my dreams for years to study music in the United States. Jazz music education is at the highest level in the World in the States. It was a great experience to be around great musicians and students from almost all Continents. Great experience, mostly by playing with them together as a band. My favorite band was the Concert Jazz Band at the University of Miami, it was my honor to play with them for one year. Miami has perfect weather for me. I’m not a winter time lover so Florida’s weather is perfect.

MI: Your work appears on over 60 albums. What is that like?
KB: Yes, you can hear my guitar on more then 60 albums. I performed guitar tracks for major Polish and European pop, jazz, rock stars and some of them for movies and TV shows. It is a lot of music. As mentioned above, I have 12 albums with my original music and new releases that are coming up.

MI: Of all the artists you have worked with who did you enjoy working with the most? Who did you learn the most from?
KB: Good question. I have to say that my greatest musical experience was when I studied at Miami and played with musicians down there. Performing guitar parts for movies is always a challenge because mostly I played with a symphony orchestra like the music of Zbigniew Preisner for Hollywood or just the last of my performances a few weeks ago for Pawel Mykietyn “Pasja” where I recorded guitar tracks with symphony orchestra as well.

MI:  Can you tell a little about your work in the sample library and commercial licensing worlds? What led you to that?
KB: Ten years ago I was working as a producer on pop project and I was asked to do an instrumental version of that project for Music Library. Music Library - It was quite a new musical zone for me. My first album was successful and up to date I recorded for Paris Music Library, 9 albums, new releases are coming up this month.

MI: Is it a strange feeling to have your work heard all over the globe?
KB: This is quite nice, you never know when and who is going to play your song, When I watch TV, especially commercials I check for my music, this is just a habit right now.

MI: How would you describe your sound to our readers have yet to hear it for themselves?
KB: I love to create guitar sound of tunes and I love to work with loops and samples as well. My favorite style in music is jazz and beyond.

MI: Who would you most like to work with next?
KB: I love to perform with Big Bands and love to play with my combo bands.

MI: What do you like to do with you spare time?
KB: I love swimming, sunshine, snorkeling is my favorite things to do during my spare time. Its time to go back to Florida or to visit my friends at California!

MI: What projects are you looking forward to bringing to the people next?
KB: My two new projects are with smooth jazz music which I’ve just recorded in the studio with my favorite musicians. It will be on the air and released on December 2010.

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