The Last Vegas

by Chris Fox
April 2009

Chicago's The Last Vegas

Chicago's The Last Vegas

When you mix glam rock, gritty sound, and a few guys that look like they belong on Hollywood Boulevard you get THE LAST VEGAS. This Chicago based rock group will give you a “brutal appreciation of rock music… that’s gritty, sleazy, and dangerous,” according to vocalist Chad Cherry. Coming off their recent tour with their long time heroes and fellow glam rockers, Mötley Crüe, the band finds themselves headlining in a more intimate atmosphere.

Growing up on arena rockers like Aerosmith and The Doors, this quintet found themselves living a dream when they went on a stadium tour with the Crüe. After the dream tour THE LAST VEGAS are happy to play for smaller crowds in a more intimate atmosphere. As Cherry explains, “we love to play live,” whether it is in front of thousands or a dozens of fans. They don’t expect to find “dressing rooms full of naked girls that all want [us]” on a club tour, but they do hope to rock they dirty groove with a whole new crowd. The band is certainly influenced by their big crowd predecessors, and they plan to return to the stadium crowds, but first they want to get to know they fans on a grassroots level. Staying true at the base and watching it explode, these guys have found a formula that works, and the fans will agree.

Cherry explains that the “fans are everything,” he continues, “if people didn’t love our music there is no reason for us to be around.” The quintet tries to always put out the best stuff they can. Cherry digresses, that as much fun as living the rocker life is, it requires “a lot of work… keeping everybody on the same page.” The weak links no longer exist with THE LAST VEGAS, and you can see it in their epic stage performance. Living up to their genre standards, these glam rockers live and play large without losing their heads. Remaining good friends while their music takes off and two and half years of touring have been the greatest accomplishments. Cherry says, “years on the road have made us into some serious, ‘Enter the Dragon’ mofos!”

Their new album will be hitting stores on April 14, but these arena rockers have already made the earth shatter with their epic stage presence. These guys are loud, smutty, and rowdy, everything the new age of glam rock should be. The balls out stadium sound that is the mixing of punk and 80’s metal makes these guys a contemporary hair spray band. The best part is they resist every temptation to delve into that realm. Instead they represent themselves with an attitude that is reminiscent of Mötorhead and the Misfits. Women, booze, and rock n’ roll make them picturesque stereotypes as the boys young women shouldn’t take home to their parents, and that’s what every glam rocker wants to be. Leather clad and proud, these Chicago natives rely heavily on the support of their party ridden fans, and they feel that playing in front of fans is the greatest thing about doing what they do.

It is enthusiastic big hair head bangers like these that are bringing back the large-scale arena scenes with huge rock star tour buses and backstage party scenes. Watch for their album to drop on April 14, and they will be at the Annex on April 22. A new sound with a classic twist will have diehard 80’s rockers as well as newfound groupies all nodding their heads. The best thing, according to Cherry, is “having people love our band, and having people making memories to our music.” Watch for big things to happen with this larger than life band. 

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