Lords Of Discipline

by Chris Fox
August 2009

Madison's Lords of Discipline

Madison's Lords of Discipline

Take the shredding of Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Satriani combined with the epic musings of bands like Nile and Behemoth and top it all of with beer soaked Wisconsin metal you have LORDS OF DISCIPLINE, a quintet that define their own take on metal. As bassist Nick Moreno explains, “we only have one gear, and that’s straight out metal, that’s it… we just play metal.”

Brutal and technical are the words these guys live by. Their name runs deeps through not only their musical ventures, but the LORDS OF DISCIPLINE are also regimented in their downtime. Whether it’s learning various forms of martial arts or constant guitar theory, discipline is the heart and soul seeking the level of mastery with a martial arts state-of-mind in music. Their recording techniques reflect the structure they require to create such a monsterous sound. Moreno explains, “it’s the most intimidating thing I have ever come across as a musician.”

Without the use of extensive studio space or equipment, each guitarist writes and records their tracks. Once finalized, the tracks are then handed to the rhythm section, and then passed to the vocalist. This entire process is done by metronome and the band finds themselves rarely practicing. In fact, as Moreno explains, they only jam once or twice as a band before gigs, the rest is left up to fate of live performance.

Whether throwing the “clutch” in the air or dancing on the fret board, the live performance is all about maintaining energy. Playing live is about “how many times I can whip my head in a circle, and how many beers I can get in my stomach, having a good time, and keeping up with the standard of heavy metal that we set for ourselves,” Moreno digresses. “We have a simple equation, shred face and balls to the wall.”

As they come together with a common vision of mental discipline the LORDS seek “to achieve the highest level of excellence at their instruments whilst staying true to pure heavy metal.” LORDS OF DISCIPLINE will be playing the Maximum Ink Summer Metal Meltdown at the Annex on August 22nd. The faces will melt and heads will bang as these Madison metal heads continuously redefine their brand of heavy metal.

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