Lords of the Trident 2013

An interview with Fang VonWrathenstein
by Chris Fox
October 2013

Lords of the Trident on the Cover of Maximum Ink in Oct. 2013

Lords of the Trident on the Cover of Maximum Ink in Oct. 2013

The LORDS OF THE TRIDENT have been bludgeoning the music scene for the last five years, and after a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their new EP, Plan of Attack, they are hitting Madison venues. On October 19, they are playing The Inferno with Circleswitch, Sparklefuck, and Warnerbeast. Maximum Ink had the opportunity to catch up with Fang VonWrathenstein, the vocalist for LORDS OF THE TRIDENT, since they are also playing the Maximum Ink Halloween Weekend at the Frequency on October 25. This year they are going as Judas Priest, and have said that concert goers could expect to be run over by a bunch of motorcycles.

Maximum Ink: How would you define the sound of LORDS OF THE TRIDENT?
Fang VonWrathenstein: Lords of the Trident is the most metal band on earth. Imagine, if you will, taking the thunderous sounds of a thousand steeds rampaging into battle, and combine it with the clashing produced by the swords and spears of men ready to kill or be killed. Then add some guitars. That’s pretty close to the incredibly face-melting, soul-stealing sound of the pure metal, produced by the Lords.

MI: Obviously, a huge part of your band’s repertoire is based on your live show. What inspired the band’s on-stage persona?
FV: I hear the word “persona” thrown around a lot nowadays in interviews. I would liken it to the Superman comics - for you see, when we’re on stage, we are in our true form! This is not a persona, my good sir. It is only after we depart the battleground that we are often forced into our “Clark Kent” mode. The only reason we have to do this is because, otherwise, we’d never escape the hordes of rampaging women hell-bent on sexing us. It’s a rough existence.

MI: You’ve had some lineup changes since your last interview with Maximum Ink, how has this changed the dynamics of the band?
FV: It’s been very interesting, because I feel that the band gets stronger with every lineup change. Our last demon drummer Korgoth was very good, but he wasn’t exactly into the same type of music as the rest of the band. He mostly gnawed on bones between shows, while we would be rocking out to some Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. Sledge Garrotte is much more accurate to the style that we play, and much better, technically. Additionally, the arrival of the High Priest of Death, Pontifex Mortis, has added a much-needed, thunderous, lock-step bass sound that the sometimes freewheeling Capt. Bluddbeard lacked. But who can blame him - he was a pirate with a free spirit after all, and no man can chain down a pirate’s bass lines.

MI: What is the definitive difference between your newest album and your previous work?
FV: The production, 100%. We teamed up with mortal producers for the first time ever, and they were absolutely incredible. This new EP was produced and engineered by the great Doug Olson, who has album credits with Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Cheap Trick…the list goes on. Also, Martin Atkins of Pigface, Killing Joke, Ministry, and Nine Inch Nails fame helped produce as well. I knew they were the right men for the job the first time I met them. Before saying a word of introduction, they immediately challenged us to a swordfight. Those are the type of men you want in your corner.

MI: Other than the lineup, how do you feel the band has changed over the last few years? How long, exactly, has LORDS OF THE TRIDENT been in existence?
FV: The LORDS have been in existence since the beginning of time, but we’ve only been recording albums since 2008. We took an extended break after the “Black Plague” tour of 1342 (again, apologies to Europe). The recent tumultuous years have been something of an anomaly when you consider that the band hasn’t changed much since the beginning of time. I like to view this as “growing pains” of a new era of the LORDS, more than anything else. As we’ve gotten more into the groove of writing, recording, and touring, the band has simply gotten stronger. It’s very difficult to find bands that can compare to our sonic assault. Actually, most just melt into goo during the first song. This can make touring very challenging.

MI: What is the defining element of your band?
FV: Fire, explosions, solos that can rip a man in twain, and of course the fact that we steal all the ladies everywhere we go.

MI: As a musician, what keeps you up at night?
FV: The fact that there are still unworthy masses who have not yet heard the mighty roar of the LORDS. That, and random OCD thoughts such as, “Did I leave the oven on?” and, “Did I feed the dragon before going to bed?”

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