Luna Mortis

by Rökker
October 2008

Luna Mortis live at the Annex in Madison, Wisconsin - photo by Matt Mommaerts

Luna Mortis live at the Annex in Madison, Wisconsin
photo by Matt Mommaerts

Halloween is coming, metal is in the air and Madison will make another mark on the heavy metal map.

Last December you may remember Maximum Ink ran a band called The Ottomon Empire, a Madison metal band featuring the operatic and sometimes brutallic vocals of Mary Zimmer, guitarists Brian Keonig and Cory Scheider, drummer Erik Madsen and bassist Jake Bare, on the front cover.

I had to go back to the Max Ink website to check out the story one more time, seeing how so much had changed in less than a year… but oddly, it was the same.

In July, it was announced that band had signed to Century Media records and that explained to me why they had changed their name to Luna Mortis.

It was easy to see why Roadrunner and their AR man Monte Conner (who signed Madison’s Last Crack to Roadrunner in 1989) was flying out to see them in Minneapolis. The band is actually similar to Last Crack in many ways, two guitarists who are amazing together (something I consider a rarity), a charismatic singer, a blazing rhythm section to back it all up and dynamic and thoughtful songwriting. Musically the bands are very different and Luna Mortis is carving their sound in a different time.

But it was Century Media who eventually signed the band last summer and will release the band’s debut album, produced by Jason Suecof (All That Remains, Trivium), internationally.

I recently spoke to singer Mary Zimmer who’s just finishing up her vocal tracks at Audiohammer Studios in Florida. Like any newly signed band, they are feeling pressure to be successful right off the bat in a music industry that’s still getting comfortable with new sales and marketing models.

Mary Zimmer of Luna Mortis - photo by Matt MommaertsMary also sent a few preview songs from the new recordings and they are without a doubt amazing with Mr. Suecof’s direction, very heavy, very clean and razor sharp in delivery. It is Brutal, beautiful, guttural and graceful. It is very good.

The band is anxious to get the new album out and see what the fans think. And they’re also excited to get back out on the road playing their first show out of the studio at Max Ink’s 6th Annual Halloween Spooktakular on Saturday, November 1st at the Annex in Madison. There is no cover charge for this show.

After that, you can catch them at Mill Creek in Appleton on November 13th and at the House Of Rock in Eau Claire on November 14th.

In that Ottomon Empire story we ran back in December, Mike Huberty said “So, for Wisconsin metal fans, this might be your best chance to see them in an intimate setting before they blow up.”

He was right about that, but now this may be your last chance to see Luna Mortis in an intimate setting before they blow up.

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