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Milwaukee native Lynne Arriale returns to Wisconsin with a new album
by John Noyd
March 2022

The Lights Are Always On - the Lynne Arriale Trio

The Lights Are Always On - the Lynne Arriale Trio

Milwaukee native Lynne Arriale returns to Wisconsin to celebrate the pianist/composer’s 16th recording as a leader, her new album, “The Lights Are Always On,” with performances in Madison’s Café CODA April 2d and Milwaukee’s The Jazz Estate April 3rd. An original suite of compositions, “The Lights,” reflect the world-wide, life-changing events of the past two years, honoring healers, caregivers, truth tellers, and defenders of democracy in the wake of COVID-19 and the Insurrection.

A dreamy beacon, “Lights,” rolls, cajoles and unfolds. Arriale’s tactile Latin accents ebb and flow overseeing fleeting moments cloaked in swirling shadows, solid gospel strides reinforce a solemn tone beneath the balance between acrobatic challenges evoking seething storms and calm velvety intelligence tying ideas to emotions. The trio juggles nimble symmetry peppering flexible connections in nuanced blues, swinging light but tight pulling upstream breezes from curling whirlwinds, the bass roams soloing, sailing in a spritz of sizzling rhythms dashing past piano trills, chessboard chords and fluid grooves. The recording sparkles and suggests a wonderful vitality to her performance whether on record or on stage. 

Arriale’s sidemen for her Wisconsin return are ace players bassist John Christensen and drummer Mitch Shiner. For more information visit or

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