M.A.X.-mas Volume II

M.A.X.-mas Volume II
by Aaron Manogue
November 2011

M.A.X.-mas Volume II

M.A.X.-mas Volume II

We’ve all heard the lousy Christmas songs that get beaten into our head over and over every single year since our conception. The one’s that make you go just a tad bit crazy and one more step closer to that breaking point. If you’re from the U.S., you know all about the corporate sponsored shopping spree we as Americans partake in, despite whether or not we have money. Now, I’m no Scrooge. But if I’m going to have to suffer through another year of thousands of meaningless dollars spent and seeing family half of us don’t like as it is, I want some kick ass music to dull the pain.

This is where Kuhler Music, the group behind the Madison Area X-Mas compilation album came in. One night when they were drinking beer and reminiscing about how awesome Christmas time is, Jeremy Gehler and Jon Kussow dreamed up something a little bit genius. Now, I know what you’re thinking; “Yeah. I know all about the great ideas me and my friends dream up while knocking a few back like how we’ll all someday take over the World.” This idea by the Kuhler Music boys however, was something they acted on, and thus, no more shitty Christmas music.

A Christmas album and show was created with local bands playing their own twisted versions of Christmas songs that everyone hates. For example, Kill Junior’s tastefully titled “Fuck You, It’s Christmas.” Thirteen other local bands contributed this year to the album that was recorded at Madison Media Institute with Dano Stoffles, Chris Casper, and all their students. The video department of MMI stopped in to shoot a documentary during the recording as well.

The bands on this year’s record include (in no particular order) Kill Junior, YLAB, 4 Aspirin Morning, The Sandrose Band, Government Zero, Omninaut, Sun Spot, Lot74, Lords of the Trident, Wall of Funk, Two in da Bush, Black with Envy, Axiom and Dr. Noise.

This will be the second year this album and show has been put together. The album and show date is set for December 10th at the Regent Street Retreat. All bands will be playing a 20-25 minute set including their Christmas songs. There will also be a second stage set up on the Regent side of the bar. The MMI students will also be there recording the show as well as more footage by the video department for the documentary, later to be released on www.maxmasalbum.com. Second Harvest Food Bank will also be there collecting non-perishable food items so be sure to bring some donations to help local families in need.

The show is December 10th starting at 7pm at the Regent Street Retreat. There is a $5 cover. Make sure to stop by and check out these great local bands singing their version of a real Christmas song.

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