Madcity Nights - June 2015

by Rökker
June 2015

Brian Koenig of Lords of the Trident - photo by James Pederson

Brian Koenig of Lords of the Trident
photo by James Pederson

Friday & Saturday, June 5 & 6

@The Frequency
Frequency’s 7-Year Birthday Party
DAY 1: F Stokes w/ Bird’s Eye, A.N.T. da Hope Boy, Radish
Day 2: The 4 A.M., The Black Saints, Banner Pilot, Eddie Ate Dynamite, YLAB, I Am Dragon, Basement Fire

Saturday, June 6

@Memorial Union Terrace
Steez w/ Soap

steez will be bringing the creepfunk to the shores of Lake Mendota. We will be joined by our sudsy funk brethren of the north - Soap! You know there is no better place to spend a summer night than the Memorial Union Terrace - so cmon down, snag a pitcher and get your swerve on.

Tie Dies and Jam Bands at the Union! There’s no better place to hang out and watch music on a summer night than the Memrial Union Terrace, and now there are many more food and beverage choices than when I went to school here!

Local scenesters Steez and Minneapolis’ Soap will lay the funk on thick and the jam on autopilot as dancers lose themselves in a derbishly enchanted, barefoot trance.

Tip: take a selfie in the giant Terrace Chair! post to #madcitynights. Find them for sale at

Tuesday, June 9

@High Noon Saloon

Celebrate Les Paul’s 100th Birthday with The Gomers and a special presentation on the life of Les Paul (if I have to tell you who Les Paul is, put down this paper now until you do).

Not only are the Gomers celebrating 11 years of Rockstar Gomeroke (live band karaoke with the Gomer’s list of thousands of songs), they are also celebrating 30 years as a band, which has to be some kind of record.

The night will feature 3 sets with the first being the Les Paul presentation and songs by Les Paul and Mary ford. The second set will feature people who signed up to sing songs featuring Les Paul guitars, and the third is open swim Gomeroke.

Self Preservation Tip: Don’t yell out the song title “Freebird” because they actually know it and someone will be buzzed enough to sing it.

Thursday, June 11

@The Frequency
WheelHouse Whiskey Presents: Bird’s Eye, LazyDeadPoet, and The Family Business

Drink Local Whiskey, and listen to local music as three great bands get together for this event put on by local Whiskeyteurs’ Frank Bush and his band Wheelhouse. But don’t look for them to play this night, concentrate on Bird’s Eye, whose disciplined yet very groovy and sometimes jazzy rhythms give way to hip-hop in the form of MC Ra, a thoughtful rhymer with a great sense of rhythm. I’m not usually one for the everyday-rap-variety emcee, but Ra kept me entertained and proved that baggage should be left on the plane. The musicians in the band are very talented, very “Phoxish” way if I may use the term.

Tip: Catch Bird’s Eye at AtwoodFest 2015 on July 26th

Friday, June 12

@The Red Zone Madison
Lords of the Trident Vs. Zephaniah Vs. Droids Attack

Lets get ready to rummmb…. Three bands enter, one band leaves! LMAO! Who can’t get caught up in the mayhem of a brawl with Droids, Lords… and I’m not sure what a Zeph is.

The behind the scenes story is that Maybash featured the debut of guitarist Brian Keonig, who you may remember from Ottomon Empire and Luna Mortis, as the new guitarist for Lords of the Trident, replacing the departing-for-school-in-India Killius Maximus. But wait, there’s more! Not only are you going to witness the Madison debut of the new band, but the show will also feature Killius Maximus in his final performance on stage….. ever! At least that’s what they told me! Either way, it will be a fun show!

Friday, June 12

- All Ages
@Majestic Theater
STOP MAKING SENSE : a Talking Heads Dance Party

In 1984 I went to the Downer Theater in Milwaukee to watch Stop Making Sense on the big screen and sound system. It was awesome, and it really turned me on to what a great band the Talking Heads are. The Majestic is going to show the Jonathan Demme film in it’s entriety on their giant screen on their giant sound system. Move over Dark Side of the Moon, this makes sense!

Tip: Talking Heads guitarist Jerry Harrison is from Milwaukee.

Saturday, June 13

@Club Tavern
Sam Lyons Band

Sam Lyons is coming into his own in Madison. The youngest in a musical family, Sam released his third album Trance late last year. A blend of soul, pop and R&B with a jazz sensibility.

Saturday, June 20

@Mickey’s Tavern
Go Go Slow, Cold Black River, The Gran Fury

Go Go Slow is a unique blend of experimental rock, punk, noise and metal featuring ex-members from some of Milwaukees hardest hitting bands including Die Kreuzen’s Daniel Kubinski, FuckFace/Boy Dirt Car’s Dave Szolwinski, The Muckrakers’  Tammy Raeck and The Crusties’ Paul New. Supported by local Madcity bands The Gran Fury and Cold Black River, get there early to grab a seat at the bar, this will be a packed show.

Tuesday, June 23

- 7pm
@Obrich Gardens
Concerts In The Garden
Chaos Revolution Theory

Madcity’s garage-rockers bring a little rock n roll to the Concerts in the Gardens’ first show of the year. The even will happen every Tuesday between June 23rd and July 28th and features jazz, folk, and honky-tonk. Bring lawn chairs, pack a picnic basket or get hotdogs and brats from the Madison East Kiwanis.

Tip: All-you-can-eat-ice-cream $5 adult, $3 child

Friday, June 26

@Knuckle Down Saloon
The Moondog Medicine Show

Funky-Blues Rock from Maryland comes to Madison for the first time as the Medicine makes a stop in their way to Spooner, WI for the North Woods Blues Festival on 6/27. A kooky Janis Joplinesque flamboyant stage show is both rockin and funky.

Tip: Big Mama Thornton is listed as an influence.

Saturday, June 27

@Harmony Bar
The Family Band

To accompany their recent release of their new album “Forefathers”, the Family Band will play the Harmony Bar on June 27th, but if you can’t make that show they are playing the Frequency on June 11th, the Capital Brewery on July 3rd, Let’s Eat Out Summer concert series on July 5th and out to the Wisconsin Brewery on August 8th.

Saturday, June 27

@Capitol Brewery
Blythe Gamble and the Rollin’ Dice

Ballsy, bluesy… lucious. Blythe has a very strong voice that weighs in nicely over badcious blues. Time to drink some beer!

Tip: Capitol Amber was one of the first microbrews except it was called “Garten Brau” and was sold at the Rathskellar in the mid 80s.

Friday, July 3rd

, 6pm
@Summerfest - Milwaukee
Gabe Burdils and The Kid Cab

Gabe get’s a pretty good time slot on the Johnson Control’s World Stage. He’s been hiding out in Nashville for a while but it looks like we have him back for the summer because he’ll be performing at AtwoodFest 2015 on Saturday, July 25th opening for fellow Nashville band SIMO, a nationally touring power-blues trio.

Tip: Park your car at one of the many bars in Milwaukee that offers free shuttle service to Summerfest, less hassle and more fun.

Sunday, July 5

@The Wisco
Mobile Deathcamp, Carnivora, Devolving Messiah, Towering Abomination

Friday, July 10

@Wisconsin Brewing Company
WC Clark

Known as “The Godfather of Austin Blues,” legendary blues guitarist and singer WC Clark has worldwide career spanning 40 years. A memorable point in music history might be that he and keboardist Mike Kindred co-wrote the song “Cold Shot” while playing bass in Stevie Ray Vaghan’s band Triple Threat Review in the 70’s, and has since earned his first platinum record for that song.

But beyond that, you have to see the 7 acre pond and backyard with beer bar and stage. It is truly amazing, plus you can go inside the tasting room and probably catch Brewmaster Kirby Nelson who always has some great stories over some good beer. I found out the Nitro Porter uses unique Barrique’s Coffee blend. What a great way to support local. Every Friday May through September WBC is having music from 6-9pm in the backyard and best yet, they’re all free admission.

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