Madcity Nights - May 2015

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by Max Ink
May 2015

DJ Trichrome spinning tracks on a concert cruise ship opening for 311

DJ Trichrome spinning tracks on a concert cruise ship opening for 311

Saturday, May 2

Lazy Oaf
Chaos Revolution Theory
Wisconsin Stomp Rock describes these guys, Nick Stanecki, guitar/vox and James Giesen on bass have been holding it down while adding a few members over the years. Grooving bass lines, gritty guitar, and clever lyrics make them a good choice.

Tip: get the Oaf burger, do or do not, there is no try.

Sunday, May 3

High Noon Saloon 1-6pm
Welcome Brewland to Wisconsin
The film crew for “Brewland”, a feature-length documentary about the Craft Beer movement across the United States, is coming to Madison for Craft Beer Week to meet local brewers and beer enthusiasts, maybe get some interview footage? Put on by Hive and partially benefitting the Hops Museum, the event will also feature Wisconsin craft beers on tap, food carts in the parking lot, and the music of Overserved Gentleman from 4-6pm.

Tip: for non beer drinkers during craft beer week, remain in the spirit and drink local vodka, essentially distilled from “beer”.

Tuesday, May 5

High Noon Saloon 8pm
11th Anniversary Party
Agent Orange, In the Whale, 4 Aspirin Morning
Surf-punk power trio Agent Orange began their legendary career in Orange County, CA in 1979 and features founding member Mike Palm on guitar and vocals.

Joining in on the celebration are Denver’s In The Whale, a two piece, no nonsense, balls to the wall rock band, and Madcity’s favorite ska-punkers 4AM. Congrats on 11 years Cathy!

Friday, May 8

The Frequency
Art Brothas, Dogs of War
Art brother Brota paints to the drums of art brother Joe White, and maybe a few guests. Dogs of War fuse hip-hop, rock, metal, blues in an incredibly positive way.

High Noon Saloon 6pm
Beth Kille EP Release
I’m not sure Beth ever sleeps and can appreciate that! Mix a little folk, blues, and rock with a twang of country and a squeeze of singer/songwriter and Beth Kille is what you get. Catch her singing songs from her new EP Stark Raving Songbird along with guests Emerald Grove.

High Noon Saloon 9pm
Daikaiju, Knuckel Drager, Fire Retarded, Roboman
Who is Daikaiju? Pronounced die-kie-joo, they are premium action heroes playing the “most high rocket music” and have “special reverb skills” that ensure “loud sonic boom for earful pleasure”.

“Beautiful radiation of hyper-dimensional springy sound creates divine psychic wind for your special protection”. Japanese Psycho-surf on the menu at

Saturday, May 9

The Majestic
Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Useful Jenkins, The Last Revel
Five friends from Stevens Point, HH&G share diverse musical interests, but a backbone of bluegrass sets the group in motion. There’s gonna be some toe tappin’!

Tuesday, May 12

Are We Delicious? Musical Rebellion
Five local musicians get together write and perform a show of short plays and musicals in a week. This time features Andrew Rohn (VO5), Sean Michael Dargan, Charlie Cheney, Melissa Brumm, and Biff Blumfumgagnge (Gomers and more).

Wednesday, May 13

Brink Lounge
Chick Singer Night
Aarushi Fire, Lo Marie, Bootsy La Vox, Haley Parvin, Kiley Penn and Mike Farley
This long-standing Madison showcase features five female singers and one “are you man enough” performer backed by a house band. Will Mike get eaten alive or is he man enough? oh, the drama!

Thursday, May 14

Club Tavern
Madpolecats CD Release, Urban Pioneers
Skunk Grass, Rastabilly.. where do they come up with these genres? Maybe I shouldn’t ask. Either way, Madpolecats is an amazingly talented band playing a wide range of instruments like banjo, upright bass, washboard, fiddle, drums, and of course guitar. Singer Jesse Kaftanski’s dad is the drummer, put that in your FAQ book! Catch them with the bluegrassers from Tennessee Urban Pioneers.

Friday, May 15

Alchemy Cafe
DJ Trichrome
Reggae jams and grooves done old style with records is the way Willie does it. If you miss him here in the Madcity, you can always catch him on a cruise with 311.

Sunday, May 17

18th annual WORT Block Party
11:15 Clocks in Motion (orchestral percussion)
12:30 No Name String Band (bluegrass)
1:45 Wheelhouse (country rock)
3:00 El Clan Destino (latin jazz)
4:15 Cash Box Kings (blues)
5:15 Prize Raffle
5:45 Kim Manning (space queen of George Clinton’s P-Funk All Stars)

Don’t miss Clocks in Motion. What began as an extension of UW’s Graduate Percussion Group is now a full blown performing ensemble. Jaw droppingly entertaining.

Tuesday, May 19

The Frequency
Jimmy K Show w/ Doctor Noise Live

Doctor Noise is the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Bill Martin who is backed by a group of local scene vets like Tim Budziszewski (Gov Zero) on guitar, John Kussow (Gov Zero) on drums and Joe Golemb (4AM) on Bass. The band doesn’t get together often for shows and the Jimmy K Show is always a lot of fun, especially when turtles drink whiskey.

May 22-25


Friday’s Lineup:
Basement Fire, The Sharrows, Not Dead Yet, Doctor Noise, Lot 74, Something To Do, Damsel Trash, Eddie Ate Dynamite, Lords of the Trident

Saturday’s Lineup:
Grateful Dead Kennedys, Devolve, Forever No More, Rictus Grin, Droids Attack, Devil to Drag, Left of Reason, 4 Aspirin Morning, Government Zero, Mr. Fist, Kill Junior, Sexy Ester, Morbid Saint

What happens at Maybash, stays at Maybash, please don’t tag me in photos.

Tip: If you see John coming at you with a hose, run!

Friday, May 22

Red Zone/Annex
May Mayhem 2015
Motograter, Ultrea and a ton of metal bands for your head banging delight!

Tip: Always check Red Zone’s food “Special of the Day”

Saturday, May 23

High Noon/Brass Ring 11am-7pm
5th Annual Wurst Times Festival
The grassroots music festival is back for a fifth year. The Brass Ring’s stage will feature singer/songwriter and acoustic music, while the High Noon stage will feature a diverse line up of Madison bands. Hosely’s Meats will be providing brats for meat eaters while Tofurky came thru for the vegetarians, and come early for free coffee from JavaCat Cafe! Proceeds benefit Harvest Foodbank and Madison Area Music Association.

Monday, May 25

Come Back In
Patio Music (12pm):
Summer Palooza w/ Fields & James, Rascal Theory, The Blues Party

First, this gig is on the patio. Outdoor shows in Madison reassure us that we’ve made the right choice to tough out long winters. This is the beginning of summer, break out the sandals!

Second, The Rascal Theory is a unique blues band blending traditional blues with a touch hip hop and blending experience with the energy of youth. Make sure to catch them, you’ll be happy you did.

Tip: $1 Tacos on Mondays

Broom Street Theater 8pm
Held: A Musical Fantasy
“Trapped in a place where time seems to stand still and the only way out is unthinkable…” Book, lyrics, and direction by Kelly Maxwell (VO5), music by Meaghan Rose (Damsel Trash, I Saw the Creature). What do these ladies have in store for us? You can only find out by going to the Broom Street Theater every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from May 29 through June 20. Tickets @

Tip: Broom Street Theater is non-profit and was founded in 1969, make donations at their website.

Saturday, June 6

The Frequency
7 Year B-Day Bash
4 Aspirin Morning, The Black Saints, Banner Pilot, Eddie Ate Dynamite, YLAB, I Am Dragon, Basement Fire

Congrats to Darwin! What a line up! This will be a fun party. Not only are the Black Saints coming out from Milwaukee, but I’m hoping I can get YLAB to play some old Mötley Crue!

Tip: There are new stickers underneath the laminate on the bar, can you spot them?

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