Morris Ramen

Foodie Review
by Robin Gray
February 2019

a plate of food from Morris Ramen - photo by Facebook

a plate of food from Morris Ramen
photo by Facebook

Nothing wraps me in comfort quite like a bowl of ramen. My relationship to ramen has evolved overtime. If we were playing password and I said dorm food, I’m pretty sure that 100% of you would answer ramen. Supermarket ramen in its rectangular package with foil spice packet is pretty far from the ramen of today’s restaurant scene. It is safe to say that ramen has had a transformation in the United States with a boom in restaurants. While most of us consider ramen Japanese, a quick search of ramen history teaches that ramen was actually brought from China to Japan. At its core, ramen is noodles served in broth. Sitting over a bowl of ramen at Morris Ramen makes it hard to believe that is all it is as it tastes like so much more.

There are a number of ramen choices and I love the namesake, Morris. The main components are a flavored broth, silky wheat noodles, ajitama (a flavored half cooked egg), menma (flavored bamboo shoots), and pork belly. Usually when you eat a dish there might be one best bite. You might have your favorite component. Not so with this ramen. Each bite is the best bite. This is because the broth is so deeply flavored with a creamy consistency. And because the egg has a custardy yolk and is soy soaked. And because the pork belly is melt in your mouth fat. It is the most comforting and filling bowl of anything I have ever experienced. Other ramen choices include miso, spicy, and vegetable. The spicy ramen has chicken that our server described as being prepared in a way that you get a bit of both white and dark meat in every bite. It was lightly spicy and very tender. You have the option of extra add in toppings for all the bowl. The ramen is best eaten in house. But later I was wishing that I had leftovers.

They also serve some “not ramen” one of which is Chaschu Donburi which includes your choice of braised meat over rice with ajitama. This dish (I had the beef) was sweet, salty, and savory all at once. Another great choice. The chicken wings are also noteworthy. Lastly, we have come to the buns. Each one fills an appetizer sized plate and they are so delicious. The pork bun is a soft pillowy steamed bun encasing tender pork belly sweetened with hoisin and countered with pickled cucumbers. These buns are another perfect bite. It seems that this is what you get at Morris Ramen no matter what you have. Perfect bites, on after another. Add a cup of sake or a cold beer and the warmth of the small dimly lit space and it is satisfying comfort on a cold winter day. Their motto is Eat. Slurp. Repeat. I agree.

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