Music Fights Back

Post Show Follow-Up
by Al Brzostowski
June 2018

Saliva closing out the night at Music Fights Back - photo by Tricia Starr- TStarr Photography

Saliva closing out the night at Music Fights Back
photo by Tricia Starr- TStarr Photography

This past weekend, I had the experience to be at an amazing benefit, “Music Fights Back”.  It was not only the bands rocking a stage, but the overall energy that was almost tangible here. From the moment we walked up to the security area and mentioned why we were there, we were treated like family. Not because we were there to do an interview, and take photos.

Jeremy Cuff, the founder and president, along with Julie Simon, the VP put on an amazing benefit for cancer patients that need an escape….an escape through Music.

Music Fights Back was truly unforgettable. I again, had the honor to speak to some of the bands and Jeremy, who also filled in as the drummer for Revolution -X….AND KICKED ASS!!!!

The fest officially kicked off on Friday the 22nd in the mid afternoon. Fans were treated to a wide variety of musical acts throughout the day, like in previous years. The festival is called Music Fights Back..The People And Charles Walker Band, Natty Nation opened up the stage. Joining the lineup, Marah In The Mainsail, Moccasin Creek was up next, with the mighty Wayland closing the night off. 

On Saturday, things EXPLODED! Even with the threat of rain, the day went without a hitch.Six Shots ‘til Midnight and Amillennial started the day off with each band keeping the crowd moving. As the day progressed, and as the crowd filled in, Revolution-x lit the stage up. Next up, Divided Minds and Eva Under Fire heated the crowd up a little more, as the weather did. 3 Pill Morning got the crowd jumping with their grinding, edgy riffs, and energetic stage presence.Then came Vyces…they brought it all on stage, the energy throughout their set was almost tangible; you could literally feel it in the air. Throw The Fight kept the same movement and energy. Saliva closed the night out, with “Uncle Wayne”, Bobby, Brad and the birthday girl, Tosha, blowing away the ears of the crowd.

At the end of Salivas set, hundreds of fans slowly walked down the road, dragging their feet heading back to their tents and cars. Jeff announced, “If you drank too much, stay on the grounds,” which he then added, “For free. I don’t want any DUI’s.” No one that I’ve met doing these fests have cared so much for, not only the cause, the bands, volunteers, but also the fans, than Jeremy Cuff, in my opinion..

The bands also had moments of silence throughout the day for their metal brother, Mr. Vinnie Paul. May he rest in peace.

I had opportunities to talk with some of the bands from Saturday. Here are some highlights from them:

Six Shots Until Midnight:

MI: How long has the band been together?
SSTM: We’ve existed for about 9 years. The New lineup, around a year and a half.

MI: What do you consider your style of music?
SSTM: All I can say is, it truly feels original. I can’t put us into a certain type.


MI: A change in the lineup occurred recently. Can you elaborate? And I need to mention, Jeremy Cuff took the slot in 8 days.
RX: Yeah, we just went our separate directions, level of professionalism and whatnot. We’re going to maintain a level of professionalism and not throw any stone, so to speak. The trains were going in different directions. It’s unfortunate as it is, we had to cut ties.

MI: I know you have a few releases out, anything new coming out? Recording? Tour?
RX: We have some new things coming out. Working as always. Hopefully a tour soon. A couple things are aligning that may be good in the future.

Throw the Fight:

MI: So what’s coming up, any new things on the horizon?
TTF: Well, we just got done doing a new record with Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland of Atrium Audio. We should release at the end of the year or early 2019.


MI: Coming up real soon, you have the Powerman 5000 tour, starting in Iowa. How’s that looking?
VYCES: We’re stoked about it. We’re going back to a lot of the same places that we played recently. Not the same venue, but it’ll be cool to see some faces and play in the area again. Whole new thing of merch. We know the guys from Powerman 5000.

MI: Give us a small snapshot of what it’s like off tour with VYCES.
VYCES: It’s wake up, force myself into the studio. Sit down and write music. Still work a regular job, hang out with the wife and dog. It’s kinda like a football team. We’ll go back and watch recordings. What can we do better? We always try to better ourselves. Get right back into the game. Handle loose ends.

With the bands, volunteers, fans, and Julie Simon, and last but not least, Jeremy Cuff, Thank you for inviting us into your world. You all ROCKED that weekend. MFB!

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