Muzzy Luctin

by Sarah Klosterbuer
March 2002

Madison's Muzzy Luctin featuring former members of Inner Sanctum, Last Crack and Magic 7

Madison's Muzzy Luctin featuring former members of Inner Sanctum, Last Crack and Magic 7

The release of Symptoms of a Simple Life has been a long time coming for Muzzy Luctin.  Initial writing and recording for the album began in 1999, but scarce studio time and busy personal and professional lives for Muzzy Luctin’s members caused the final release to actually materialize almost three years later.

The time stretch proved to be a positive aspect in a number of ways for the band. Guitarist Paul Schluter took on mixing responsibilities for the disc, and quickly admits to being a perfectionist, refusing to be satisfied with anything less than excellence.  Perhaps even more significant than studio perfections, or even a more accepting rock scene than that of two years ago, is what the time has done for the personal dynamics of the band.  “You really find out whether or not you can stay together as a band, because we went through [a lot],” recalls Schluter.  “At least as bad or worse than some bands, and we stayed together.” Stressing the variety within the band, he continues, “[We have] different personalities, but we’ve all been able to compromise and work together and make it work, and that’s what’s gonna make us stay together.”

It all paid off. Symptoms Of A Simple Live is impressively structured, with the clean, polished feel that the band has been working towards since its conception.  More a solid continuation of mainstream rock than anything strikingly different, the album relies on an even balance of all musical aspects, choosing to neither showcase nor hinder a single element.

So far, the Muzzy Luctin story appears to parallel the histories of countless nationally renowned acts, garnering exceptionally strong fan and radio support throughout the region.  For now,  Muzzy Luctin hope to continue to build support in the area before attempting to take that daring step towards countrywide acclaim. The success of their first single, “Sugarfly,” could very well be a preamble to further success. In any case, with the date of their first album release now securely in the past,

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