New Society Of Anarchists

by David A. Kulczyk
January 2002

Milwaukee's New Society Of Anarchists - photo by Rokker

Milwaukee's New Society Of Anarchists
photo by Rokker

The music industry has been full of bullshit since some cavemen (or cavewomen) started pounding two rocks together at the campfire and one of their tribe members started getting them shows at other campfires. Before long, they demanded no pink Auk eggs in the dressing room, ten clay pots of honey beer, and only the best grubs and Mastodon meat. Eventually the band disintegrated. Oog went solo, Gork started another band and Raag, the only original member, resigned to performing with musicians half his age at backwoods Neanderthal camps.

It seems like nothing has changed in all those years, until I interviewed The New Society of Anarchists. A Milwaukee band founded in 1990 by brothers Zakk (Bass), Arlo (guitar), their cousin Jason (guitar) and a revolving door of drummers. “It’s easy to be together when your family is involved”, said Zakk. “The only people that we ever go through are drummers, but we have a pretty solid unit going now. My old man was playing in bands ever since we were young and Jason’s old man too, so it’s in our blood.”

The New Society of Anarchists have set a very high standard upon themselves so they “can overcome the pettiness, the racism, the gangs, the trends, and the injustice that we get our noses rubbed in every day.”  They relentlessly promote the message of “Unite the kids - unite the scene!”

“Basically it’s about bringing people together, to strive for unity for all people,” said Zakk. “Black, white it doesn’t really matter to us, we just want to bring people together to have a good time. We focus on bringing kids together because kids are just supposed to be kids and not have to worry about fighting each other because one guy has long hair, one guy is straightedge and one guy is a punk rocker.  You should just be able to come to shows, have fun, be kids. That’s what it’s about.  People don’t understand when they see anarchist in the name, they think we’re terrorist and radicals, but it’s about being individualist.”

Releasing five full length CD’s, including 2001’s “The Few, The Proud, The Brutal,” The New Society of Anarchists blast their fiery and honorable concoction of Hardcore Punk and Rap in their own way and on their own terms. Touring relentlessly, including the 1996 Vans Warp Tour, to bring their message of unification and justice for the young and disenchanted, they are firm in their beliefs and lifestyle.

The New Society Of Anarchists doesn’t pull any punches.  They come direct and true. “You don’t have to be a certain way just to be involved in what we do,” said Zakk. “We do it for ourselves and do it ourselves and whatever comes of it comes of it. It’s proof that you can do it yourself… you don’t need other people to do what you want to do. Always remember why you’re doing it.” 

To quote New Society of Anarchists’ website, they are not “tough guys, just working-class kids struggling to break free from the poverty and pain of the inner city. Music is our salvation. Music is our release.”

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New Society Of Anarchists
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