an interview with Elias Sorano
by Aaron Manogue
August 2013

Nonpoint on the cover August 2013

Nonpoint on the cover August 2013

It seems like every band I have the honor to talk to, can’t say enough about Madison. How the venues are unique and intimate, how the festivals are packed with energy like they’ve never seen before, but most of all, how the fans quickly become like family by the end of each performance. Every single person that reads this article should feel proud to be part of the Madison hard rock and metal scene, because there isn’t a single musician that wouldn’t admit, we’re just a little more intense, we’re just a little louder and we’re a hell of a lot more crazy than those other stops on tour.

There there isn’t a band around that transcends the list of Madison’s favorite quite like the boys in Nonpoint. They’ve thrived off of their second to the north for over a decade now and every chance they get, they turn their dials up just one more notch for their Madison brothers and sisters. If there’s a band that fans of hard rock bleed for, it’s Nonpoint, after all, the band calls Madison ‘Nonpoint Nation’. As a matter of fact, their vocalist loves the city so much, he wants it to be his final resting place. Maximum Ink’s Aaron Manogue had a chance to ask their vocalist Elias Soriano about their latest single ‘That Day’ and their return to WJJO’s Band Camp on August 17th.

Maximum Ink: Your latest single ‘That Day’ continues to climb the charts. Talk to me about what the song means to you and the band.
Elias Soriano: That song has a lot of meaning for me and the band. The 2 years leading up to the release of our self-titled record was a bit of a struggle. Attitude and execution are everything when it comes to this band. When we made the changes we did in our camp it just seemed like things all if a sudden came together overnight. Music was fun again and our path was clearer than it had ever been. With our changes, everything changed. With one phone call, all of a sudden, things felt that way. So I truly remember that day that everything changed.

MI: To me, your latest, self-titled album is one of your best pieces of music you’ve ever put together. And that’s saying something, because your past was great as well. Tell me why you think this record turned out so well.
ES: First and foremost, the new guys. Dave and Rasheed are monsters when it comes to writing and their eagerness to keep the flow of new music coming. We received more music from them on one record then we have ever received in our band’s career. So having that much good material to start from made the biggest difference, hands down. Secondly, Johnny K and Dan Salcido who produced and engineered 95% of the record. The tones and arrangement suggestions were a huge factor in where we took this record in the end, along with the final song, “Left for You” with Brian Virtue and Rob Graves. I’m proud to say this is my favorite of our seven studio records.

MI: You’re slated to play WJJO Band Camp once again on August 17th. What are you most excited about, being back on the lineup?
ES: The fans! That town bleeds Nonpoint. I will be buried in Madison, Wisconsin.

MI: Nonpoint consistently talks about how Madison is one of their homes. Do you remember the first show you ever played here?
ES: If I’m not mistaken, it was Kit’s Korner, but don’t quote me on that.

MI: Can you tell us about it?
ES: My memory goes to one of Mudvayne’s first tours. Snow! I remember lots of snow! The place was packed and the crowd took to us right away. It was awesome.

MI: Fight or Flight is on the bill as well. Can you tell us about the relationship between Nonpoint and the guys from Disturbed?
ES: I’ve known the boys for years. I have a lot of respect for them. We share beers here and there but anyone who knows our two bands, knows we’re workers. We like to write and perform. The partying comes when we are home with family and friends. And I can’t afford a house in Dan’s neighborhood!

MI: What can the fans expect out of Nonpoint this year at the show?
ES: We’re slowly upping our production, so lights, better sound, and new songs. We are in so many words, “getting our grown man on.”

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