P.O.S. Brings Honest and Emotional Hip Hop to the High Noon, Tuesday, May 15, 2018
by Sal Serio
May 2018



Stefon Alexander, better known by his stage name P.O.S, is a founding member of the Minneapolis based seven-member indie hip hop music and performance collective Doomtree. As a collective, there are no egos in Doomtree, and it’s sound reflects the energy of many members with unique individual musical influences.

P.O.S., who has been rapping since the 5th grade, also has his own albums, and side project bands such as Marijuana Deathsquads. In January 2017, P.O.S released his fifth solo album, ‘Chill, Dummy’, on the Doomtree Records label. The critically acclaimed and genre-blurring ‘Chill, Dummy’ is produced by Lazerbeak, Makr, Cory Grindberg, Ryan Olson, and P.O.S himself. It also features contributions by Moncelas Boston, Rapper Hooks, Justin Vernon, Lady Midnight, Busdriver, Dwynell Roland, Gerald, Manchita, Open Mike Eagle, Angelenah, Allan Kingdom, Astronautalis, Eric Mayson, Hard_R (P.O.S.‘s teenaged son), Kathleen Hanna, Lizzo, Lydia Liza and Nicholas L. Perez.

The P.O.S. concert experience provides catharsis, as the artist has much love to give and inspires others with strength and sincerity in his words. P.O.S. can articulate emotion about political opinions without negativity and is constructive in his viewpoint, even when that emotion may be one of anger. The message of his raps is as much about an ideal life as what P.O.S. sees and experiences in real life.

Tuesday, May 15, the High Noon Saloon in Madison hosts P.O.S. with DJ Rowsheen, and also sets by Serengeti and CRASHprez.

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