Road Trip

A Review on Road Trip: Hit the Switch Documentary
by Hannah Becker
August 2014

Road trip's DVD

Road trip's DVD

One of Wisconsin’s most popular bands, Road Trip, released their first DVD called ‘Hit the Switch’ April 18th. Starting with cousins Richie Plath and DJ Doty, Road Trip was formed in 1991 in Kingston, WI. After meeting lead singer Amy Jo Doty at an Oshkosh performance, the band began to focus on branching out all over the Mid-West. They have opened for bands such as Collective Soul, Sheryl Crowe, Ted Nugent and REO Speedwagon. Now with two lead singers, Amy Jo Doty and Richie Plath, lead guitarist Jason Busse, rhythm guitarist DJ Doty, bass player Flap Welsch and drummer, Andy Welsch, this band continues to grow their fan base with performing other artists music as well as their own.

The documentary follows the band Road Trip from the begging of their journey to where they are standing currently. It contains many clips and photos from when the band just started, behind the scenes, love performances and also explain the adventures and troubles they had throughout the years. Between the private interviews and old videos, it captures the personality of each band member and their roles on as well as off the stage. This film easily demonstrates how Road Trip is more than a band but also a family. It displays how the band improved and matured into the national rock band level that they are known for now. It also shows the struggles the band had and how they care more about their fans than anything.

The interviews of each band member illustrate not only the humor of each person, but express the dedication they each have for this band and wanting to succeed. Between the interviews and behind the scene clips, it’s easily shown this band absolutely loves performing with each other. The film does an excellent job at showing the talent each person possesses as individuals and as a band. The film also clearly presents the love they all have for each other as well as their fans. The sound quality throughout the documentary is clear and the multiple clips from the past as well as current shows keep the film entertaining and move along smoothly. Taken as a whole, it is a very well put together documentary that tells the story of Road Trip, and displays the love of each band member has towards one another and their fans. It gives an honest look at Road Trip and how they plan on staying around for much longer doing what they love. The documentary also includes a love concert. Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Amy Jo Johnson Doty:

MI: Why did Road Trip decide to make a documentary?
Amy Jo Johnson Doty: We asked a producer Marc Golde to help us make a video of us in concert.  He has been a friend of the band since we started 23 yrs ago.  After a lot of thought he asked us if we would be interested in making a documentary. We of course said YES!  We have been together a long time and loved the idea of our story being told!

MI: What do you hope your fans get out of by watching the dvd?
AJJD: We hope our fans get to know us better, and have fun hearing some juicy gossip! We also want our fans to know how much they mean to us. We love those guys!

MI: What does Road Trip have planned for the summer?
AJJD: This summer is going to ROCK! Seriously, we are playing tons of fantastic shows. Like Rock USA, Waterfest, Appleton concert series, and every fair on the planet!  But our biggest plan this summer is to promote our first ever ROAD TRIP to MEXICO!  We are going next Jan/ Feb to Mexico to an all-inclusive resort and making it a trip for our fans to come with us. We plan to play a show or two on the resort and just relax with our favorite people…ROAD TRIP FANS!  It should be fun!

You can catch Road Trip live in cities and at festivals throughout Wisconsin this summer, starting June 6 at Fireman’s Festival in Deerfield, followed by a show in Milwaukee at Bar Louie on Water Street on June 7.  For a complete listing of all shows, Check them out on their website and on Facebook


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