Saint Tragedy

Making it big with Saint Tragedy as lead singer Wayne Wiginton discuss the new EP Prolonging The Agony.
by Tommy Rage
March 2018

Saint Tragedy

Saint Tragedy

Just because you have signed a record deal doesn’t necessarily mean you have made it big. Signed to Pavement Entertainment, Saint Tragedy, a local Kenosha band, has been perfecting its sound since 2008 and have their eyes on the big time. 

Releasing their 7 song EP, “Prolonging the Agony”, Saint Tragedy opens for Eve to Adam at the Back Bar in Janesville on Saturday, March 24.

“Prolonging the Agony” is an aggressive blend of the old school sound and nu-metal feel.  The first track, ‘Make Believe’, kicks off the new EP with strong riffs from Matt Brudneiwicz (guitars).  “I like to say that we are a mixture of old school classic rock with a mixture of new modern rock”, shares lead singer Wayne Wiginton, “It’s a unique sound which you don’t hear a lot.” This old and new school mix is heard throughout the EP but shines on the first track which comes to an abrupt end and leaves you wanting more. ‘Ties that Bind’, continues the old school feel with bits of cowbell and fret tapping guitar solos. “Matt is a Joe Satriani fan, and does all kinds of crazy stuff,” relays Wayne.

‘No More Religion’ highlights the EP and has seen radio play in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota.  “That song didn’t take long to write, I had the chorus line in my head. Then I figured out the music, so it’s a song that didn’t take long at all. I’m a little surprised by it, and the cool thing about it is when you have a song like that and it’s doing really well with people.” 

With his stellar writing skills and soulful sound, Wayne has lead the group along its journey. “It’s been over a course of about ten years.  There has been some lineup changes and our sound has definitely developed into what we see it as. When we finally got to record this EP, our sound has seasoned and has that old school and new school feel; so our songs are where we needed them to be.”

A steady and strong tempo from Jason Scuffham (drums) and Eric Serbedzija’s (bass) on ‘Square One’, coupled with the relaxing energy on ‘Move On’ show the blend of old school rock mixed with a newer sound.

“Eric is an Ozzy fan and Jason is a Guns N’ Roses fan, so that’s where our rhythmic backbone comes from,” continues Wayne, “I’m driven about the passion and soul of the music, our guys bring the heavy rawness in the music, but you also hear the soulfulness layered on top of it.” The tight collection of all 4 members showcases the release in closing with an acoustic song ‘Jumpin’ The Gun.’

Having spent time in the studio perfecting “Prolonging the Agony” and now signed to a major record deal, Saint Tragedy will be opening for Bobaflex and Shallow Side at a few festivals this summer and they look forward to headlining shows later in 2018. “In the fall we hope to hit a few shows up north where we are getting radio play and a few other areas in Southern Wisconsin”, noted Wayne, “People can sense our energy and I feel like we own the stage now and people really dig our sound.” 

Saint Tragedy will be at the Back Bar in Janesville on Saturday, March 24th and check out their new EP “Prolong The Agony.” ()

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