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Together Alone Tour: Kiki's House of Righteous Music July 7th Madison WI
by John Noyd
June 2022

Sarah Borges - Together Alone

Sarah Borges - Together Alone

The pandemic’s lockdown hit touring musicians hard, but that didn’t stop savvy maverick Sarah Borges from moving. As an airport courier Sarah was still on the road, this time separated from audiences and bandmates with time to think about music. Borges’ February album, Together Alone, began as home-recorded guitar and vocal demos - singing into her iPhone and making her clothes closet into a vocal isolation booth. The blues-rock grit and fire generated by Borges’ voice became the foundation from which producer Eric “Roscoe” Ambel constructed a cohesive, collaborative, long-distant effort remodeled in his home-studio from other remote home-studio musicians contributing buzzsaw solos and crackling backing.

Fueled by passionate interaction, the album wields tiger-twang bangers, rowdy highway boogie and full-throttled. no apology melancholy. Delivered with a bold, gung-ho swallowing life whole, Borges’ songs long for sweet freedom with dependable friends; open to the future, connected to the present and made wiser by the past.  Informed regrets and questioning hesitations dressed in boot-scooting roots and bronco-busting honky-tonk, “Together,” weathers personal storms with leather and lace restraint and locomotive stoicism; plain-spoken, fun-loving and unstoppable.

Though Sarah hopes to return to play larger venues, Madison gets a wonderful opportunity to hear her up close and personal when she plays Kiki’s House of Righteous Music with producer/guitarist Ambel, The Bottle Rockets’ bassist Keith Voegele, and steam-driven drummer Kenny Soule, Thursday July 7th. Kiki consistently delivers a casual vibe with exquisite taste in honest artists whose hard-earned talents pair with charismatic performances. Follow this Facebook link for tickets and more information:

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