Sevendust 2013

An interview with lead singer of Sevendust, Lajon Witherspoon
by Aaron Manogue
July 2013

Sevendust by Davo - photo by Davo

Sevendust by Davo
photo by Davo

We all say that if and when we ever get rich and famous, that it wouldn’t change us. We’d stay humble and courteous of others and not let the constant praise and skyrocketing band account go to our heads. But more often than not, it’s just the opposite, especially for rockstars who are praised and worshipped more than some religious figures. If you didn’t know Lajon Witherpoon, lead singer of Sevendust was in a very successful rock band, (other than his bull piercing through his nose and being covered in tattoos) you’d think he’s just a super nice guy who can talk to anyone. This is why Sevendust is one of the most respected and revered rock bands out there today. Maximum Ink’s Aaron Manogue had the pleasure of sitting down with LJ to talk about how the band stays humble, his vocal roots and their return to the mighty WJJO Band Camp on August 17th.

Maximum Ink: You guys are the most humble, down to earth rockstars in the business. How do you guys manage to stay humble with the success you’ve seen over the years?
Lajon Witherspoon: I think we’re just good ol’ country boys and speaking for myself, we’ve been very blessed and I think it would be foolish of us to take this for granted. And I’ve always said this from the beginning, the same people you see going up, you’ll see coming down. Honestly man, if it wasn’t for people like you at Maximum Ink and radio stations, and I don’t say fans, but family we have out there, we wouldn’t be anything. That’s what keeps us going and keeps us humble. You never know how long this is going to be around and it’s been a beautiful ride and I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s been great!

MI: It seems like, in my opinion, that a lot of hard rock singers sound the same these days, yet you have your own signature sound. Even if I’ve never heard a song before, as soon as I hear your voice I know who it is. Was there anyone that was like that for you that you looked up to that stuck out?
LJ: My father and his disco band, for sure. They had a record and everything and they were a serious band; guitar, bass, drums, and to me that was so magical and so big when they’d plug it up and jam it. That’s what got me into it. My dad was a soul and R&B singer, and gospel. That’s what really sparked me and bands like The Jackson 5 growing up, Ozzy Osbourne, Thin Lizzy and all that kind of stuff. And then moving with my grandparents in Tennessee on the farm, all they listened to was country so it was awesome!

MI: You guys are going to be coming back to Madison for WJJO Band Camp on August 17th. What is it that makes that event so special?
LJ: Randy Hawke at WJJO, guys like you and the whole Madison area have been there since the beginning of our careers, so on top of everything, that’s what makes it special. The support that has been there is undeniable when other people didn’t support what we were doing. Like I said before, it’s not fans, it’s family and there you go again, that’s one of the cities that’s family with us. I’m so happy to be able to be there again! We miss tearing that thing up!

MI: I’m sure you have many, many memories from past Band Camps, but can you tell us one of your favorites?
LJ: Man, it’s just always an incredible, magical energy. I can’t put my finger on just one Band Camp because they’re all so special. I just look forward to doing it! Madison, Wisconsin, the whole area, we love you guys and we look forward to rocking out!

Join Sevendust at WJJO Band Camp on August 17th at Willow Island at the Alliant Energy Center!

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