by Andrew Frey
March 2003

Madison's Stoner Rock Shotdown

Madison's Stoner Rock Shotdown

Shotdown vocalist Kyle Peterson rants, “Our songs are about Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll…....what else? As far as song writing, we all come up with different ideas and arrange them during rehearsal.” Judging from the three very catchy downloadable tracks on their website, Shotdown are well on their way to creating a great debut CD sometime in the near future. Peterson mentions with a sly smile, “We have currently laid down eleven tracks at D.N.A. studios for our full length CD “Whiskey Business” to be released tentatively in June on Crustacean Records. The C.D. also features a surprise appearance by the one and only “Mr. Blues.”

Ok, so we know where the band is aiming, but where did they come from? “Shotdown first formed in April 2001,” answers Matt Porwall , Shotdown’s bassist. “We wanted to start a real rock band in the tradition of the Stones, AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, old Cocksparrer, Motorhead etc. We’ve also been known to slip in a Thin Lizzy or Dead Boys cover along the way.” Shot Down is something of an area “super-group”. The line-up of hearty scene veterans, consists of Peterson on vocals (formerly of Brass Tacks), Porwall on bass (formerly of Brass Tacks and also playing in Brainerd), Alex Drake on guitar (formerly of Merrick ), Bart Benedict on guitar (formerly of Rest In Piss), and Adrian Shulz on drums (formerly of Mad Trucker Gone Mad, and currently also playing in Ladybeard).

With an aim high line-up like that, one has to wonder what to expect from Shotdown in the future? “WORLD DOMINATION….. or maybe another show at the Anchor,” snickers Porwall. “We look forward to our show at Bomblastica,” rebounds Peterson enthusiastically. “We WILL also be playing at the World famous Anchor Inn on March 14th with Shot to Hell, and Snatch (from Milwaukee).” If you happen to catch them live at any of these shows, and you really want to show your support for the band, they have only one request. “Buy us a shot!” laughs Porwall .

After buying them a shot you could also pick up a Shotdown t-shirt. Choose from the basic Shotdown logo, or the soon to be classic ‘Chronic Wasted Disease’ design. Stones to Stooges, AC/DC to Motorhead, Shotdown injects high energy into their own classic style heavy rock grooves, while paying homage to the masters. Coupled with Peterson’s great gravel vocals, Shotdown will be leading the plane to Armageddon. Booze friendly and bar ready Shot Down should be tearing the roof off an unsuspecting tavern near you soon. Look out!


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