by Sarah Klosterbuer
February 2003

 - photo by Dan Corrigan

photo by Dan Corrigan

Hailing from Minneapolis and seeking success untainted by the pressures of commercialization, Skywind is beginning to make an impact both regionally and nationally.

In 2002, Skywind got a hard-earned break, winning the 93X Battle of the Bands in Minneapolis and a chance to perform at 2002 X-Fest, an annual rock festival just outside of the Twin Cities. Not only did this opportunity allow the band to play to thousands of people, it also introduced them to Sevendust, who later offered Skywind opening gigs at a couple of regional shows. “93X-Fest kicked open a door for us,” lead singer Wally Joseph says, calling the event the most important one of the band’s career to date.

Despite impressive local success, Skywind have had to sit back and watch countless other bands sign record deals right out of the gate, offering them instant, though often store-bought, success. Still, the band sees it as a blessing in disguise. “It’s very humbling,” says Joseph. “It feels like we’re working that much harder for it.”

Rock at the core, Skywind’s sound reveals a number of influences from metal to pop, and it’s difficult to categorize their diverse musical style. As a band, the goal was never to cater to a certain genre, but rather to put into music the thoughts the members had in their heads. “We’re just out to create the biggest sound possible,” Joseph explains.

Skywind promise an intense, driven stage show. Joseph stresses his band’s ultimate love for making and performing music, and says that his band transfers that love into their stage show. “It’s just five guys getting off on the music,” Joseph says with a laugh.


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