by Chris Fox
March 2010

Soil - formed in Chicago in 1997

Soil - formed in Chicago in 1997

Backing a new album and hitting the road, SOIL will be in both Madison and Milwaukee on April 2 and 3 respectively. SOIL plans to hit The Annex and The Rave harder than ever. Going out on a limb from their previous albums and getting back to their early rock roots, they have developed an album that “took them back to their youth”.

The new album, Picture Perfect, was named so because “it really is the sound that we have always wanted,” according bassist Tim King. The album delves on a common rock vibe, but adds an extra element with a heavier sound. “We finally got it right on this one,” explains King, “We managed to encompass all classic rock stuff, but get the heavy sound with down tunings and more distortion. We went back to square one, and back to what we wanted to sound like.”

There is a dark side to SOIL that really comes through. Without this darker element the album would be a standard rock record. Their extreme metal influences, however, have added a biting edge to the new music.

“As kids we kept getting heavier and heavier, from Sabbath to Napalm Death. We formed SOIL to get away of typical metal standards and the metal extremes,” explains King. “We have always prided ourselves on being a timeless heavy rock band.”

“The last thing we are doing is selling out, we are just doing something fun, and it has taken on a life of its own. We still listen to Morbid Angel on the bus.”

Even though they have reached the sound they have always wanted, SOIL continues to evolve and change.

“We have Peter Pan syndrome, and have never really quite grown up. Instead, we just try to get more responsible,” explains King. They have managed to develop by staying true to their metal roots with their passion for music. “It has always been about the live show… being there in it.” They thrive on their fans, and the environment that the live show creates. “I’ve become as much an accountant as a bassist. Hours of bull so you can live the dream for 45 minutes on stage.”

SOIL pride themselves on sticking to their guns, King explains, “Trends come and go very quickly.  Our motto has always been ‘never say die’. We’ve never given up, and we are familiar with fact that you always have to make a sacrifice to achieve anything you want.” King attributes their longevity to their strong Midwestern roots. “Radio stations like JJO really allow honest bands like ours get places,” King thanks 94.1 for being a big supporter over the years. “[The Midwestern Attitude] isn’t as jaded as the rest of the country.” Their grass roots style and love of their fans keep SOIL going strong.

As SOIL hits the road King explains, “it’s all about giving back to our fellow music lovers. For us to be able to live this dream, and [fans] living the dream through us. That is the absolute biggest reward.”

SOIL hits The Annex on Friday April 2, and The Rave on Saturday April 3.

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