An interview with SOiL bassist Tim King
by Aaron Manogue
July 2013

SOiL by Stephanie Cabral - photo by Stephanie Cabral

SOiL by Stephanie Cabral
photo by Stephanie Cabral

They say perseverance is a virtue, but to the band SOiL, it’s become part of their DNA. Formed in Chicago in 1997, the landscape for the entire band has been one giant roller coaster ride ever since. But to make things even harder, their roller coaster was lit on fire and thrust upon decaying rails. From their mainstream successes with the album Scars in the early 2000’s to lineup change after lineup change, the number one thing that remains is their constant love for their music. The boys will be in town as part of the WJJO Band Camp lineup August 17th, and will be releasing their sixth studio album, Whole on August 20th. Maximum Ink’s Aaron Manogue spoke with bassist Tim King about the past 16 years and what to expect from their upcoming release.

Maximum Ink: It has been 12 years since you guys released one of your most popular albums, Scars, and the band has been though a lot since then. How have all of the highs and lows over the past decade made you all into better musicians and a better band as a whole?
Tim King: Well it definitely has been a crazy ride. Adam (guitar) and myself were the last two original members standing for a while. It was then that we started talking to Ryan (vocals) again about doing some UK shows, because there was such a demand still for the band over there. We committed to a tour that would celebrate the 10th anniversary of SCARS and it was a sell-out across the board. Every venue sold out in a matter of weeks. We had such a great time on that tour and playing together that we decided to get back together and do a new album.

MI: Your new album, Whole, comes out August 20th and “Shine On” is already on radio. What can you tell me about the new record and what to expect?
TK: It is definitely a “SOiL” album. With the return of Ryan and the core of the band back together, we really made a classic “SOiL-sounding” album. To us and from what people have said, it’s the album that fits perfectly as the release after Scars. It was definitely time to make that definitive album in our careers.

MI: A little more about “Shine On,” it really sounds like old-school SOiL that we’ve come to know and love. Did you guys go back to your roots a little bit with this album?
TK: Most definitely. I think the time away from each other really made us get back to our roots on this one. We didn’t set out to make an old-school type SOiL album, it just kind of happened. We just did what we do and the end result was perfect for what we wanted to accomplish.

MI: Can the fans expect a little preview of the new album during your set at Bandcamp?
TK: We love JJO and playing Bandcamp is always a highlight of our summer. The station has been with us through thick and thin. We can’t thank Randy Hawke and the gang over there enough for all they’ve done for us.  And as for the Midwest, well, we are Chicago and Indiana boys so what can we say? The Midwest always kicks ass!

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