An interview with Subatomic
by Aaron Manogue
January 2011

Subatomic - Cover design by Ian Chalgren - photo by Rökker

Subatomic - Cover design by Ian Chalgren
photo by Rökker

We listen to music to feel something, to relate to something or to just plain have fun. And it’s becoming harder and harder to find a local band that you can listen to and just plain enjoy yourself. No corporate puppetry or influence laced through what could be and should be killer music. That’s why when we came across Subatomic it was something extremely refreshing. Their jam-oriented sound with catchy riffs and groovy basslines is just plain good music. Maximum Ink caught up with the hard rock groove trio to talk about their music and how they got their start.

Maximum Ink: Tell me about the history of the band. Where did you get started? When did you all start playing and writing music?
Bryan Moll (Guitarist/Vocals): Jim and I have been playing together since grade school and about 15 years ago, we got to know Sparko (Mark Dvorak-Drums).  So over the years the three of us have worked together on different projects, with different folks in a variety of bands, but the true version of subatomic came into being in 2006, when we began writing music together.

MI: Describe your music to someone who has never seen/hear it before.
Jim Roof (Bass): It’s our motto: Hard rock groove jams!

SubatomicMI: What sets your band apart from the hundreds out there today?
Sparko: I think we bring an interesting mix of styles to the songs that aren’t out there right now. We have classic guitar riffs with driving bass and funky/groovy drums and we do it in an undeniably heavy way.
Moll: I think our lack of a strict song writing formula sets us apart from other bands. We don’t do verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge. We approach our songs as freely and organically as possible. Some songs, like “Cosmic Low-Rider Boogie,” doesn’t even have a chorus, but the groove is strong enough to carry you through. We’re not afraid to create a song like that.

MI: What are some of the highlights in your musical careers to this point?
Roof: Playing Summerfest last year. Growing up in Wisconsin, I think a lot of musicians make that a goal; big stage, big crowd, and people enjoying what you’re doing. Why else would you do it, really?

MI: Tell me about any releases you’ve made lately
Sparko: We have a self-titled release out there on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and until January 23, you can download a free Subatomic song from

MI: Anything coming up that you’d like to talk about?
Moll: We will be playing a Launchpad Benefit on Jan. 27 at High Noon Saloon and the Maximum Ink Anniversary party.
Sparko: We want to thank everyone that is helping to revive the local music scene, from to Maximum Ink to the clubs and bands that have been cool enough to help us and share the stage with us.

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