Live at The Majestic Theatre
by Tony Mueller
October 2022

OJ clearing out the dance floor - photo by Tony Mueller Phine Art Photography

OJ clearing out the dance floor
photo by Tony Mueller Phine Art Photography

Superorganism is such a unique band. They formed online in 2017 with 8 original members in London. 5 came to the Majestic on a Saturday night to provide the people of Madison with an experience they won’t forget. All members had their own style but the lead singer’s ability to control the crowd was the highlight of the night. Orono “OJ” Noguchi was a treat to see perform. She was asking people questions, singing to individuals, and even had a few members of the crowd on stage to dance. At one point OJ had the crowd part into two sides in order to create a catwalk within the dance floor. Everything along with the banters and just overall stage presence made you feel like OJ was more of a friend than a singer in a band. Superorganism recently released their second album titled “World Wide Pop”. The mix of old and new that night was exactly what the crowd wanted. Everybody sang along to their favorites from their debut self titled album, which was the original cause of their worldwide success. Superorganism’s first album is a groundbreaking blend of synth-styled pop tones that along with OJ’s mellow delivery produced a sound that is very exclusive. I was honored to cover this show and I leave you with the suggestion to go and get yourself a copy of one (or both) of this bands impress

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