Them Evils

An interview with Vocalist/Guitarist Jordan Griffin
by Teri Barr
February 2019

Them Evils on the cover of Maximum Ink music magazine for February 2019

Them Evils on the cover of Maximum Ink music magazine for February 2019

I like this band. A lot. Them Evils takes me back to some of the first times I remember hearing good, loud, straight-in-your face rock-n-roll; yet, this talented three-piece is writing songs for the audience who is thirsty for new music of this type, today. Vocalist and guitar player Jordan Griffin, bassist Jake Massanari, and drummer David Delaney have been on the road nearly non-stop since starting their Them Evils project. The first time I saw the band was at a sports bar in Green Bay a few years ago, when the guys opened for The Pretty Reckless. They blew the roof off the place, then hung around to talk with anyone and everyone. I was already smitten after hearing them live, but during my face-to-face time, I realized Jordan, Jake, and David are great, down-to-earth, and super funny musicians who are loving the heck out of what they are doing, and how they are doing it. I was sold, and as a fan ever since, looked forward to Them Evils making a stop in the Madison area. The band plays Majestic Theatre on Saturday, February 16 with Pop Evil, and despite being on the “Shiprocked” Caribbean Cruise at the time I put this Q & A together, Jordan quickly confirmed, Them Evils looks forward to playing here, too.

Maximum Ink: You do not stopped touring! I caught you in 2016 with The Pretty Reckless in Green Bay, and you took a minute to make some new music the next year, but never left the road. Does all that time together make your live show solid, and create some other opportunities, too?
Jordan Griffin:
For as long as I can remember, music is all I’ve ever cared about. It’s been my primary focus because there’s nothing else worth delving into for me. And thank you for the kind words!! That was a great tour - as a band, we learned a lot from The Pretty Reckless, and their crew.

We toured recently with Zakk Sabbath, and were introduced to Bill Ward. Yes, that Bill Ward, of Black Sabbath! Jake and I were asked to fill in for his band, Day of Errors, for a small west coast run. Unfortunately, the tour didn’t happen due to his health issues but the entire experience was surreal. I was literally sitting in front of a legend who is a pioneer in our vein of music, and I was getting the opportunity to showcase my talents to join his band. Fucking insane!

MI: So, this is what you’ve always wanted to do! And have you always played guitar? Your skills as a guitar player are impressive, and you have a dirty (in a good way) sound.
Fortunately, I was raised by a family where music was a profound and essential part of enjoying life. I’m extremely grateful for that. One of my early memories was seeing Green Day when I was around six years old, and Billie Joe Armstrong spit into the air, and caught it in his mouth. That was part of a live performance landmark for me, and probably the turning point in my life when I decided music is what I was meant to do. As far as instruments, I’ve played clarinet, but not by choice; also, drums, bass, and guitar.

MI: You and Jake are from Las Vegas, so how’d you meet David?
David was born and raised in Southern California, and I was introduced to him through a coworker while I was bar-backing at a burger and beer joint. Jake and I had moved to California to pursue music together, so David came and auditioned for us, and we knew right away it was a good fit, and he completed the band we’d been trying to put together.

MI: Them Evils is on the road with Pop Evil right now. Double the energy, and the evil?
Two Evils, One Tour! It’s kind of my “two girls, one cup” tour and bad dad joke! Pop Evil is amazing, and have an exceptional stage presence! They deliver every single night. It makes us want to up our game every night, too.

MI: So what can we expect at your Madison show?
BALLS OUT, ROCK N’ FUCKIN’ ROLL! Fuzz, riffs, head banging, and most importantly… booty shakin’!

MI: And after this tour, what’s next for Them Evils?
We’ll be off for a minute to keep writing, and recording the new songs. Then we will get back out on the road, and keep the ball rolling. We are happy with the way it’s going, but satisfied, no. We want to keep growing, and we won’t stop until we reach the top. Them Evils wants to take over the world!

MI: By the way, I already know you guys have a great sense of humor. But is there something funny that may surprise us about all of you?
We have an alter-ego cover band called Meth Elvis, an anagram of Them Evils. We dress up like the Village People, and cover 80’s-90’s pop tunes. We’ll occasionally throw some Michelle Branch in there, too.

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