Tim Baker

Hey Rosetta!'s Tim Baker brings The Festival to Madison
by John Noyd
October 2022

Tim Baker

Tim Baker

Tim Baker says, “Writing, ‘The Festival,’ saved my life. I could immerse myself in a different world. It gave me a reason to go on, something to hold onto.” Isolated in the extreme Eastern portion of Canada during the pandemic’s lockdown, the former Hey Rosetta! frontman reflected on his career touring the world energized by new places and new faces versus the path that lay ahead as a solo artist bombarded by bad news and world-changing events. The Montrealer faced the quiet North Atlantic retreat feeling defeated and “pretty existential.” The album he ended up writing turned out ready, willing and able to make amends and move on to a brighter future.

The second solo album Baker released since his fourth and final record with the seven-piece band known for their lively concerts and joyful orchestrations, “The Festival,” is a soothing jubilee examining humanity with gently direct messages peppered in humble wonder and attentive intentions. Full of infectious melodies, upbeat segues and tasty arrangements, Baker’s refreshing sincerity ascends into heavenly connections welcoming revivalist vibes into the larger ensemble songs and a tender sensitivity in his more minimalist pursuits. Carefully worded despair often melts into fearless fortified cheers as the album’s rich vocal harmonies and sweet comforting accompaniments encourage strong alliances, alleviating loneliness through communal roots sprouting cosmic bonds. Sounding undefeated even in honestly despondent moments, Baker’s muse comes to the rescue, invigorating saintly angst with open hearts and open eyes.

Join Tim in celebration and solace along with his band All Hands, November 27th when he plays Madison’s High Noon Saloon with Dr. Dog drummer and indie-pop wiseacre Eric Slick. In partnership with Plus1, Tim will donate $1 from each ticket sold to support grassroots organizations working to mitigate the current climate crisis and build a sustainable future for all.

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