Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds

by Troy Johnson
January 2012

Tomorrow's Bad Seeds

Tomorrow's Bad Seeds

Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, is the five member reggae band from Hermosa Beach, California that has been growing exponentially in the last few years. Since they started playing together in 2004, The Seeds have been producing crisp and complex arrangements that have flashes of rock, pop, hip hop, with a predominantly reggae sound that is always apparent. Their lyrics are socially conscious and uplifting. Similar to bands like Sublime, The Wailers, 311, and Slightly Stoopid, they have a positive sound with rythyms that will keep you dancing throughout your day.

It took TBS almost four years of dedication, playing for small audiences, before their popularity caught on. In 2010 they started to play main stages on the Vans Warped Tour, won a JPE music award, and in the beginning of 2011 performed on “The Late Show With Craig Ferguson.” Their commercial success has helped them evolve their sound that is always a work in progress. Lead singer Moises Juarez said about their success,“Being a band that is lucky enough to have done Vans Warped Tour a few times (and again this summer), our minds have been opened to so much music that we never would have heard. There is such an eclectic mix of bands for us to see all day everyday.”

The group lives up to their inspired lyrics on and off tour. Juarez said, “success is being able to be truly happy and comfortable by doing what you love.” The band has a lifestyle they portray on stage and try to reflect that in their personal lives. Juarez said it is a necessity for giving fans the a truthful performance. He said about their free time that, “Being on the road as much as we are, we take advantage of our time off that is for sure. Family is always number 1 followed by a close tie for 2nd place with surfing, friends, diving, skating, food (cooking & eating) and of course writing music.”

Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds will be playing with Passafire, Pacific Dubs, and Tropical Riddims Sound System at the Majestic Theater in Madison on Friday, January 27th and will be doing and in-store meet & greet at Kuckleheads on State Street earlier that day from 11am-2pm.

Here is what Juarez said about the band’s perspective on tour, “It doesn’t matter the size of the venue or the crowd to us. We truly enjoy playing music and put our whole heart into every show. Every tour we learn and grow and put on a better performance then the last one. If you have seen our live show before and the energy that we bring every night, then just know that the next one will be even more! So keep coming to the shows and bringing all your friends- Spread the Seed.”

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Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds
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