by Mack Dreyfuss
October 2008

Madison's metal outfit Triibe

Madison's metal outfit Triibe

Born from the entrails of Malice in Wonderland is the metal movement called TRIIBE. TRIIBE’s current constitution is centered on its founding members:  Chris Chaos and Nick RIP. Impeded by disunity and infighting during prior collaborations, the two sought liberation in a cohesive and connective form of musical power. Nick describes: “A tribe is a group of people that live and die together. That is what we are. That is our music.”

Raw from the prior crucible of disarray, TRIIBE’s genesis occurred when Chris played some emotive bursts for Nick who quickly locked-in. Soon after, Jim Srnec was drumming and Jeremy “Jerome” Gehler was initiated. Crepitus was forfeited for creation.

Nick, an accomplished martial artist, describes the unique interaction that occurs between TRIIBE and the human array of emotion. “I’ve studied Shaolin Kempo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I’ve learned that it is essential to master one’s emotions and not to be mastered by them. I think it is extremely important to inhabit our emotions, to enter their origin, and learn from those moments.” Chris adds: “Our music is intensely emotional.  We offer everything we have. In return, we’ve experienced a powerful response.”

If the blood and breath of TRIIBE is their unique interaction with emotion that spawns an ever-widening circle of members, then prepare to be initiated at the Annex November First. “I want everyone to come out,” Nick says. “I want everyone to get painted up. I will be. I feel like I’m the hood ornament on a freight train, like we’re locked in a tornado. There’s no reason why Madison shouldn’t be a metal Capital.” Chris agrees: “It pisses me off to see the Madison metal scene struggling.” They may be right. Starting November First when a freshly signed Luna Mortis, Guido’s Racecar, Axiom, TRIIBE, and Birth of Tragedy take over The Annex, Madison just might become metal’s Fertile Crescent.

Still in its infancy, TRIIBE is a quickly sharpening blade. Its members possess a skilled history, and together they have forged a vision greater than themselves.  With only four shows under their belt and a fifth scheduled for the day after Hallowed Eve, you might want to take TRIIBE up on their offer. Expect emotional metal brutality with an occasional acoustic interlude.  But get there early. You don’t want to miss the baptism of fire that detonates the beginning of their set called WarCry.

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