by Chris Fox
December 2009



East coast hardcore bands are a quickly growing force, and one of the heaviest, UNEARTH, makes their way through Wisconsin. Coming off their previous tour with thrash titans, TESTAMENT, Trevor Phipps (vocals) feels the band is only getting started on their contribution to the heavy metal world. Still out promoting their latest album, “The March,” this quintet thrives on the stylings of their local scene in Massachusetts and the metal influences of the 90’s.

Phipps describes their music as “very heavy metal, lots of guitars and extremely heavy breakdowns.” The band originates from Winthrup, Massachusetts and a music scene that presents the likes of several metal bands including KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and ALL THAT REMAINS. Between their geographical roots and musical influences UNEARTH presents a complex melding of the classic metal standards and the underground punk and hardcore scene. Phipps explains, “it’s cool how the mainstream has gotten heavier, but I don’t like the myspace, bands need to tour… those are the bands that stick around.” UNEARTH has earned itself several fans through such electronic venues, but Phipps reiterates the importance of touring and explains, “there is strength in the live show… it is just fun for us… and we still fuckin’ kill on stage.”

Their newest album, “The March,” was released in October of 2008, and it takes things to an even heavier level. Epic guitar riffs and groovy breakdowns create a sense of discomfort before the head banging begins. Phipps explains, “it still has our stink on it, but we slowed things down a lot.” The album is less thrashy and shows UNEARTH coming into their own a bit more than their previous three albums. “Our drummer really focused on entire songs rather than beats with fills in between cool riffs,” continues Phipps, “lyrically I write after a song is finished and I draw from the notes.” The development of the recent album creates a different perspective on the heavy music emerging on the east coast, and puts a lot of emphasis on taking the hardcore scene to a heavier level.

Phipps puts a lot of emphasis on the live performance and explains, “we have been doing this for ten years, and there is a reason for that… the live show helps keep us going, but it is because of our live performance that we can keep going.” Phipps prides UNEARTH on their ability to create abrasive music and continue to survive on the national scene. They truly enjoy what they do and Phipps continues, “death is when you write stuff for other people.” The heavy music becomes a natural extension of the quintet and the live show.

“There is nothing better than the live show,” explains Phipps. UNEARTH will be bringing their epic onstage performance to Milwaukee at the Rave on December 12 as they continue on the Decimation of the Nation tour. UNEARTH plans to continue what they do best, and tour through next summer with a hint at a new album in the works.

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