The Wisco

Great Food, Cold Beer, Good Music!
by Robin Gray
October 2018

The Wisco on Willy Street

The Wisco on Willy Street

I used to head to the “Wisconsin Inn”, known as the Wisco, on Willy Street frequently where I would meet a friend there twice a month for a drink and a few games of pool. I had not been there for quite some time when I happened upon it on a September afternoon. I was with some friends looking for a place to grab a drink, something to eat and to try to catch the women’s US open game and decided to pop into the Wisco. We asked if we could watch the tennis match and the bartender agreed but let us know that there would be no sound if anyone chose to play the jukebox. We sat at the bar and ordered drinks. It was nice to get a plain old drink for plain old bar prices. The food menu consists of pretty standard bar fare. There are about ten different burger choices, lots of fried appetizers, and a few other sandwich choices. I had the namesake Wisco Burger. It was meat, cheddar, bacon, fried onions, lettuce and tomato and a whole wheat bun. The burger was juicy but not greasy with just the right amount of toppings. I also sampled the jalapeno poppers and the fried mushrooms.  A friend had a chicken sandwich, which could be prepared either breaded or grilled with buffalo sauce and blue cheese. It was a solid alternative to lighten up the heavier choices. It would say that it was all darn good bar food. They serve food till 1 am daily. Aside from the food. It is a great neighborhood place to enjoy live music most nights of the week or play a game of sand volleyball, darts, or pool. They have daily drink specials, weekday lunch time food specials, and happy hour discounts. I noticed a poster advertising a Final Jeopardy contest each week day and anyone who answers the Final Jeopardy question correctly earns a free shot. Check their website or Facebook page for upcoming shows. While the US open did not turn out as I had expected, it was fun to watch it with a dozen other strangers who felt like neighbors while enjoying “great food and cold beer” just as advertised.

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