The Zombeatles

by Lindsey Hinkel
January 2009

Salt & Pepper Gory Hearts & Bloody Hand

Salt & Pepper Gory Hearts & Bloody Hand

Don’t even try to lie about it, you know you’ve imagined what it would be like if a pop icon somehow found his or her way into your favorite zombie movie. You’ve imagined how they would react, would they cower in fear, or would they be the big bad, chasing down those poor innocent people to get their hands on some tasty brains?

Well, now you can find out. Later this month, catch your chance to see “The Zombeatles: All You Need Is Brains.” Who are the Zombeatles? Individually, they are Jaw Nlennon, Pall IcKartney, Gorge Harryson and Dingo Scarr. By day, they are Madison band The Gomers.

A little over a year ago, Halloween 2007, to be exact, The Gomers were hand-picked by guest editor Rob Zombie as a feature on YouTube. Actually, their alter-ego, The Zombeatles, was the group featured in the music video. Not long after that, Doug Gordan, aka Angus Macabre, Scotland’s funniest zombie comedian, approached the group with the idea to combine their forces to make a mock-rockumentary about the band.

Steve Burke, aka Jaw Nlennon, says of the film “it is meant to be campy. We shot in front of a green screen. We were set up [in front of the screen,] and they kept changing what was behind us. It was really fun.”

See the Zombeatles in action, starring in their first movie, “The Zombeatles: All You Need Is Brains” premiering Jan. 23 at the Annex on Regent St.

“Expect zombies, music and humor,” says Burke. “But mostly zombies.”

The Zombeatles will also give a live performance that night, playing hits such as “Hey Food,” “Date Ripper,” and “Dead Prudence.”

Also playing at the event are Kill Junior and Mad Trucker Gone Mad. There will be other films screened as well, including “Jessicka Rabid.” The show starts at 8 pm. Check out for more details.

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