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DeWook Photography
Exposure in photography allows the photographer to capture the ideal brightness, including high levels of detail in both the shadows and highlight areas. DeWook (née Derek Yurkiewicz) is a Milwaukee based photographer who has come into his own in light of his captivating and aesthetically pleasing action-filled photographs of musicians – including many Wisconsin based artist, as well as regional and National touring artists.

The genesis of DeWook's work has roots that run deep throughout his life.

"Photography came in to my life at a young age," DeWook says. "I actually found photography in my dad's closet in the old camera bag stuffed behind the shoes. It was a 'don't touch me' bag. Dad always said, 'Don't touch the camera equipment; it's expensive.' I got into the bag literally and figuratively."

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I have always respected and admired excellent photography, and most importantly, other photographers. I was approached by Steven Peterson to be a part of his project.

Image courtesy of Steven Peterson - photo by DeWook

Upper Midwest B/W Music Photo Contest
Interview with Upper Midwest B/W Music Photo Contest Creator Steven Peterson
by DeWook
August 2021
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I had a chance to talk with Brian Moss of Spafford about family, future, the bands upcoming tour.

Brian Moss of Spafford - photo by DeWook

An Interview with guitarist Brian Moss
by DeWook
July 2021
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Class is in session: DeWook Tour talks with Ted Harter, guitarist of Water Street Jacks.

Water Street Jacks - photo by DeWook

Water Street Jacks
DeWook Tour talks with guitarist Ted Harter
by DeWook
July 2021
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I reached out to Wise Jennings to see if they would like to entertain an interview with DeWook Tour. Their reply was as welcoming as their music…

Wise Jennings - photo by DeWook

Wise Jennings
The Parallels of Wise Jennings
by DeWook
July 2021
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On a hazy warm Sunday afternoon, prior to his performance to a crowd of relaxing spectators and fans at Stolley’s Hogg Alley in Delafield, Wisconsin. I had a moment to chat with Craig Baumann.

Craig Baumann performing on 06.27.21 @  Stolley's Hogg Alley in Delafield, Wisconsin - photo by DeWook

Craig Baumann
The Stories of Craig Baumann
by DeWook
June 2021
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With the release of his new album “JMB4”, DeWook Tour had the opportunity to sit down to chat with Joe Marcinek.

Joe Marcinek - photo by DeWook

Joe Marcinek Band
A Sit Down With Joe Marcinek
by DeWook
June 2021
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DeWook Tour went poolside at a private event to sit down with Alex Vina to talk origin, tour and future of Bodhicitta.

Bodhicitta performing at a private event in Antioch, Illinois - photo by DeWook

History Lesson with Bodhicitta (Bow-Dee-Cheeta)
Interview with Alex Vina on Bodhicitta
by DeWook
June 2021
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DeWook Tour touches down at Concert By The Creek in this interview with Adam Greuel of The High Hawks.

High Hawks performing at Concert By The Creek 06.05.21 - photo by DeWook

Concert By The Creek Volume Two
Soaring Back to the Creek... an Interview With Adam Greuel of High Hawks
by DeWook
June 2021
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Indigo Canyon Fusion in Kenosha, WI. 06.04.21 - Working again on Friday nights feels almost new, but so needed.

Indigo Canyon  - photo by DeWook

Indigo Canyon
Wisconsin duo take stage with full band, introducing Indigo Canyon
by DeWook
June 2021
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Mungion returns to the stage with Earthmother at Sideouts Sports Bar in Island Lake, Illinois.

Mungion performing at Sideouts Sports Bar on 05.29.21 in Island Lake, Illinois. - photo by DeWook

Mungion Returns with Earthmother
Sideouts Sports Bar - Island Lake, Illinois 5-29-2021
by DeWook
May 2021
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Summer Stomp broke in the Creek with it’s first volume of events which premiered Kick The Cat.

Concert By The Creek Volume One - photo by DeWook

Concert By The Creek Volume One
Breaking In The Creek
by DeWook
May 2021
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DeWook on Maximum Ink going inside the photography.

DeWook Tour Logo - photo by DeWook

DeWook Tour
Breaking in DeWook Tour
by DeWook
May 2021
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