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Exposure in photography allows the photographer to capture the ideal brightness, including high levels of detail in both the shadows and highlight areas. DeWook (née Derek Yurkiewicz) is a Milwaukee based photographer who has come into his own in light of his captivating and aesthetically pleasing action-filled photographs of musicians – including many Wisconsin based artist, as well as regional and National touring artists.

The genesis of DeWook's work has roots that run deep throughout his life.

"Photography came in to my life at a young age," DeWook says. "I actually found photography in my dad's closet in the old camera bag stuffed behind the shoes. It was a 'don't touch me' bag. Dad always said, 'Don't touch the camera equipment; it's expensive.' I got into the bag literally and figuratively."

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The crowd went insane. The sound of their opening track “Among the Living” began to take shape in the unfiltered rage of the amps. The point of no return had arrived.

Anthrax performing on 01.27.23 at The Sylvee in Madison, Wisconsin - photo by DeWook

Anthrax in Madison
Madcity Madhouse : A Night With Anthrax at the Sylvee Theater
by DeWook
January 2023
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The dance to get the photo pass begins months before the show. No matter how prepared you are, something always goes wrong.

Anthrax performing on 08.05.22 at Oshkosh Arena in Oshkosh Wisconsin. - photo by DeWook

The Long Road of Anthrax
A Long Journey with Anthrax
by DeWook
August 2022
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Country music descended on Milwaukee, Wisconsin on a cool crisp Thursday night. Maggie Rose from Nashville, Tennessee commanded the stage along with her four-piece band. Tracks flowed from the stage, and the audience was drawn in.

Image of Maggie Rose performing on 03.24.22 @ The Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by DeWook - photo by DeWook

Maggie Rose
An Evening of Country Music at The Pabst Theater
by DeWook
March 2022
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It’s been tough for me to return to the Railroad scene since Andy’s death but last night in Milwaukee, being his birthday and all, felt right.

Railroad Earth performing at The Pabst Theater on 02.05.22 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - photo by DeWook

Railroad Earth
A Fan's Perspective
by DeWook
February 2022
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Why was I out of the house and off to the local Piggly Wiggly at 8:30am to score Phish tickets? Phish tickets by mail, or PTBM, wasn’t even in my deepest thoughts. For now, I was at the beck and call of Ticketmaster.

Phish performing at Alpine Valley 07.12.19 - photo by DeWook

Once Upon A Time Phish
Alpine Valley 1996
by DeWook
January 2022
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I just got the once in a lifetime chance to photograph one of my favorite bands. Two shows at the Park West and the snow was coming down. Two and half hours to Chicago for me from Milwaukee. I wasn’t going to make it. I had to abort.

Lotus performing at the Park West in Chicago, Illinois - photo by DeWook

A Lotus Internship
A Lotus Internship
by DeWook
January 2022
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Steez, a Madison based favorite band that has been around since before I started DeWook. The path to the green room with Steez has been a long one, but how did I get here?

Steez performing at Winter Jamfest 2022 - photo by DeWook

The path of Creep Funk with Steez
by DeWook
January 2022
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About two years into the pandemic and the music industry was in a state of uncertainty. No one knew when shows would launch again. The itch for live music was beginning to take its toll on everyone. Many like myself needed some type of outlet. Something to refocus on away from the unknown.

Record Head - photo by DeWook

Record Head
Rekindling with Record Head
by DeWook
January 2022
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This year for me has proven itself to be a challenge. But in my mind, I was bored. Things in my frame needed to change.

Dead South performing on 09.27.21 at the Sylvee in Madison, Wisconsin - photo by DeWook

DeWook Year In Review
DeWook Tour 2021 In Review
by DeWook
December 2021
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The room vibrated as Lettuce made their presence known. The lights shifted with colors and shadows creating chaos and confusion. Just the way I like it!

Lettuce performing at the Vic Theatre in Chicago, Illinois - photo by DeWook

Lettuce at The Vic Theatre
by DeWook
November 2021
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The lights dimmed and the music flowed into the room. Guitar riffs mixed with slithering bass lines and intense drum beats. The room was packed.

Astral Hand performing on 10.11.21 at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - photo by DeWook

Astral Hand
Astral Hand Returns To The Stage
by DeWook
October 2021
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It was a great feeling. Standing outside the Majestic Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin. Putting my gear on to one again travel inside this fantastic venue.

Spafford performing at The Majestic in Madison, Wisconsin - photo by DeWook

Spafford at The Majestic
Spafford at The Majestic
by DeWook
October 2021
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With a foggy evening on tap, The Henhouse Prowlers crept into Milwaukee for an evening of soulful bluegrass.

Henhouse Prowlers performing on 10.08.21 - photo by DeWook

Henhouse Prowlers
Henhouse Prowlers in Milwaukee
by DeWook
October 2021
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When my publisher at Maximum Ink Magazine told me Velocihamster was in rotation on the podcast, I had to interview him!

Velocihamster  - photo by DeWook

The Making of a New Sound, Velocihamster
by DeWook
August 2021
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Working with Twiddle over the past seven years Ive really got to see these fellas blossom and become successful, so when they announced their Fall 2021 Tour I called Ryan Dempsey to see about an interview.

Ryan Dempsey at the Majestic Theatre in Milwaukee Wisconsin 04.15.16 - photo by DeWook

Ryan Dempsey
Conversation with Ryan Dempsey of Twiddle
by DeWook
August 2021
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