Eclectic Vibes - March 2016

by Andrew Frey

Nahko and Medicine for the People at the Gem and Jam in Tucson, AZ - photo by Andrew Frey

Nahko and Medicine for the People at the Gem and Jam in Tucson, AZ - photo by Andrew Frey

I would rather get sand in my band than have a billyhilly or a bumpy shitrumpy. How about you?

The 60th Annual Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil show was utterly astounding and the 10th annual Gem and Jam music festival was a spectacular addition to the experience. Friday night, after crystal hunting all day, we immediately were enveloped by crowd favorites Nahko and Medicine for the People, (which is now a 6 piece group, having added trumpet and violin). It turned out to be the most stunning set I have seen from him/them to date! They had an awesome stage show in addition to previews from the next release. Polish Ambassador, Ott, Smokovich, Minnesota, and Beats Antique were some of the other musical highlights along with vendors offering mindblowing wirewrapped jewelry, crystals, cutting edge laser etchings and outlandish orgonite offerings. Then there was the visual art. Oh the mindgasming art seen and created during the 3 day event was hard to fathom and comprehend! It was simply everywhere you looked. Such an inspirational event! On the long range scanners, catch a double dose of Nahko and MFTP with me on May 3-4 at Majestic Theater in Madison, WI.

It just wouldn’t be St Patrick’s day be without a traditional Irish musical group, but never fear Dervish is here (albeit a few days early)! These Irish music masters have been awarded almost every important industry award in Irish folk music both at home and abroad and they are making another trek across the US to showcase their talents and keep those traditions alive. Let your inner Leprecaun lead you to the Wisconsin Union Theater in Madison, WI on March 13th to bask in their glory.


Bright and vibrant reggae infused with an alt pop rock undertow is a perfect way to enhance any evening and fortunately that is exactly what Iration, a Hawaiin Spawned, California based group delightfully offers. They are touring in support of their instantly friendly 4th full length release, Hotting Up, which features Grammy Award-nominated collaborators. Spread some peace and love with them at Majestic Theater 3/31 along with openers Hirie, The Expanders and Amp

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Exacerbated thru 10 is Conciliated

Organic Dreamers - The Timeless Machine

Organic Dreamers - The Timeless Machine

Organic Dreamers

Album title: The Timeless Machine
Record Label: Ashnaia Project
Rating: 9

This hybrid downtempo psydub project brings together Ashnaia Project And Isaac Hypnotizer in an exuberant apogee of psychedelic electronica. Produced in Ibiza, these 10 tracks will teleport your consciousness to places you haven’t even dreamed about yet.

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Organic Dreamers online:

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Turkuaz - Life In The City

Turkuaz - Life In The City


Album title: Life In The City
Record Label: Electric Habitat Music
Rating: 10

Expressive and fun, this nonet from Brooklyn will blow your socks off with their energy poppin’ horns, strong jams and catchy rhythms. Dripping with splashes of funk, rock, alternative and R&B this group brings momentous energy and presence to Life In The City as well as their live shows wherever they may be found. Find em nearby on 11/15 at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI

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Turkuaz online:

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The Werks - Inside A Dream

The Werks - Inside A Dream

The Werks

Album title: Inside A Dream
Record Label: The Werks
Rating: 9

Psychedelic shredding flows into jamming dance rhythms before being hopping up with a slap bass flurry and ear bending harmony vocals on the newest (and greatest) release from The Werks. This Ohio based quartet harnesses their technical prowess in ways hereto before un-assembled, allowing them to deliver a blissful transformational swipe across the musical spectrum. The dream is alive and they are appearing LIVE 3/11 at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI and 3/12 at Miramar Theater in Milwaukee, WI.

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