Eclectic Vibes - December 2016

by Andrew Frey

A Flurry of Floozy! - photo by Andrew Frey

A Flurry of Floozy! - photo by Andrew Frey

Is your illusion of choice serving you well? There is always a lot of talk about people vs profit. How many people are there? How many profits are there? Now more than ever in this age of corporate controlled media the prophets of the new ways need to overcome the profits of the old so we can actually live in the world and not just react to it. You have the power. Own your power. Stop giving it away.

Causes and charity driven topics have always been found and fostered in the music world, but the Standing Rock debacle and it’s unprecedented media blackout is sprouting heartfelt connections from an ever increasing number of musicians (and others). Trevor Hall, Dustin Thomas, Wax Futures, Elijah Ray, Liquid Bloom + Numatik, Sunfeathr, Thomas X and Deya Dova are just a scant few of the many many contributors adding to the swelling tide of water protectors and defenders world wide. There is no doubt. Music is the movement, but water IS life.

When I caught Stick Figure on Nov 3 at the Majestic Theater in Madison, they put on a great show and had some nifty lighting to propel them through their hit filled set. As an audience member, the level of ticket sales in any given venue is often directly proportional to the amount of enjoyment had at a show. IMO this show was WAY oversold to the point that I could barely move, much less dance or have a good time. Stoic newbies were also an issue with the crowd, as they just stood there, pie eyed and immobile. Ugh! Perhaps next time they will play a larger venue?

Deep funktronica for December? HELL YA! This brotherly duo of producer/guitarist Matt Hill and drummer Mark Hill consistently throw the best electro funk get downs around, but this time we get a super special 2 night treat. Thank you Santa! If you’ve not heard the fantastic futuristic funk fares that these two dish out, then there is no better time to kick it to some jams than on Dec 8-9 at the Majestic Theater in Madison.

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Discrepant thru 10 is Multifarious

Helmet - Dead To The World

Helmet - Dead To The World


Album title: Dead To The World
Record Label: earMusic
Rating: 8

Helmet’s 8th studio album and their first in 7 years finds scene influencing band leader Page Hamilton and crew delivering fuzzy warm hypnotic riffs through a surprising variety of styles and approaches, while still managing to weave in signature counter-intuitive rhythmic approaches and combinations. Some of these experiments work better than others, but overall manage to deliver a solid release. How does this play out live? Find out on 12/15 at High Noon Saloon in Madison when they appear with openers Local H.

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Tikki Masala  - Jīvasūvarī

Tikki Masala - Jīvasūvarī

Tikki Masala

Album title: Jīvasūvarī
Record Label: Masala Records
Rating: 10

Much like the deep flavors exhibited by the sauce that inspired the band name, this psychedelic candescence of hypnotic ethnic electronica is infused with classical Indian instruments including Sitar, Tabla, Santoor, Sarod, Flute, Tanpura, and Harmonium. Jīvasūvarī means to bring forth a living child in Sanskrit and this release which is activated by contemporary beat magic and underplayed by authentic Indian classical music is viewed as the birth card of the creators beautiful child. What a dish! (10)

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