Eclectic Vibes - February 2017

by Andrew Frey

Wax Tailor wowing the Majestic Theater in Madison, WI on 1/27/16 - photo by Andrew Frey

Wax Tailor wowing the Majestic Theater in Madison, WI on 1/27/16 - photo by Andrew Frey

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! - Lord Acton

An interesting option has developed on Bandcamp over the past few months. Individual bands and/or their labels have been granted the option of selling their entire back catalog (at a bulk deal price) in an effort to boost overall sales and get more music into the hands of more people. Additionally, some bands, like The Polish Ambassador, are now offering monthly subscriptions to all the music that their label (or band) creates, plus access to their discography. Papadosio goes so far as to call it their Back Lounge and along with their extensive studio and live catalog, gives you exclusive access to the Papadosio fan community if you sign up to their monthly subscription. Slick marketing moves in the name of music!

North American producer and purveyor of new bass hip-hop and dubstep, Datsik is bringing his Ninja Nation tour through the area. It features the outstanding Shogun Stage Production with it’s bevy of visual treats. The preview clips I have seen look amazing! Be prepared, for his imminent Ninja strike on 2/14 at Majestic Theater with openers Crizzly and Virtual Riot.

Some bands are big and some are gigantic, but there is only one Big Gigantic! Armed with last fall’s Brighter Future release, this bass-driven funk duo are out on the road tearing up stages across the US while spreading positivity and enacting change as they are continuing to donate a portion of every ticket sale to A Big Gigantic Difference Foundation, their non-profit organization, which further vows to donate to a local charity in each of the towns they play in. Help spread the love and experience one of the most influential bands on the electronic scene, along with Brasstracks on 2/24 at Riverside Theater in Milwaukee and for 2 big nights at Majestic Theater in Madison, WI 2/26-27.

Last summer the livetronica group Lotus released Eat the Light, a nod to Talking Heads’ Remain In Light era of stripped-down rock compositions. It was also their first to feature vocals on every track. Now, coupled with the recently released remix album for that same release, they will be blazing a trail across the country and continuing their creative evolution and musical wizardry for all to see on 2/24 at the Orpheum Theater in Madison, WI.

With a dusky lit stage clad in foggy black and white imagery, French trip hop/hip hop producer Wax Tailor took the stage at the Majestic Theater on 1/27. His atmospheric dark alt pop concoctions matched artistry with music as the downtempo rhythms presented were both captivated and intriguing. A strong masculine and feminine dichotomy was evident throughout the show as the occasional vocals were alternatively presented by the sultry and seductive emanations of Charlotte Savary and then starkly contrasted when rappers Mattic & Raashan Ahmad took the stage. In the end though, anticipation turned to satisfaction when he held out for the grand finale to deliver his chart topping song Que Sera Sera, which appeased and pleased the masses in attendance.

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Strepitous thru 10 is élan

Cualli - The Monk of Chunk

Cualli - The Monk of Chunk


Album title: The Monk of Chunk
Record Label: Gravitas
Rating: 9

Observing the synthesis between humans, technology and the environment, this Boulder, CO DJ has spun together an earcatching web of mystical yet thumping mid-tempo electronica, bedded by field recordings from various international nature locations such as the Amazon of Peru, the Northern California redwoods, and the Himalayas. Delightfully contemporary with just the right amount of global ambiance.

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Cualli online:

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Dubsalon - Ancient Tongues

Dubsalon - Ancient Tongues


Album title: Ancient Tongues
Record Label: Nutek Chill
Rating: 9

Pulsing grooves meet questioning moves while gently riding on slides and slopes of electronic sound-scapes. Contemplative aspirations turn into bubbling eddies of sparkling mindsprings when this Argentinian producer offers many marvelous mellow moods among serene expanses and gently rising vistas. A new dream awakens.

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