Eclectic Vibes - April 2017

by Andrew Frey

Satsang at High Noon Saloon - photo by Andrew Frey

Satsang at High Noon Saloon - photo by Andrew Frey

Life should be about pursuing the best of the best, not accepting the least of the worst.

A most excellent surprise awaited for us at the culmination of Paganicon in Minneapolis on the weekend of 3/17-19. Along with a very creative costume contest, we were introduced to the many facets of the Nathanial Johnstone Band from Seattle, WA! Johnstone is a multi-instrumentalist (violin, banjo, and guitar) and along with his amazing crew, which includes his world renouned belly dancing wife, Tempest, and main vocalist Dogwood, they brewed up a musical concoction that ventured into rock, punk jazz, surf, metal and folk with lyrics filling our ears with tails of myth, merriment and adventure. Prepare to unleash the Kraken!

Rarely do hip hop, folk and bluegrass mingle, but the trio from Montana known as Satsang is the exception to the rule. The word “Satsang” is a Sanskrit word that translates to mean “being with the truth” and the band certainly carries the torch with their conscious lyrics born from the angst of life experiences as we found out on 3/19 at Nigh Noon Saloon. Showing off their brand new album, Pyramid(s), they demonstrated their excitement of their new soul journeyed music amidst playing their past favorites.

Kids in the Rotunda is undeniably one of Madison’s musical jewels. Many Saturday mornings I have made the trek with my boys to the Overture Center to nestle in with a hundred or so other adventurous parents and kids to be entertained by the elite of the areas top kid friendly performers. Last month was particularly noteworthy and started with the witty and wise Tom Pease and ended with the jovial David Landau (Voted 2016 Children’s Performer of the Year by the Madison Area Music Association). Each brought a level of ribald audience participation, humor and joy that is rarely found anywhere. Tom has a vigorous school based touring schedule while David is available for parties and has a weekly gig at Harmony Bar & Grill on Atwood Ave starting at 5:30pm. So many amazing memorable times at Kids in the Rotunda!

Although orchestral pop is the genre where I discovered American born singer and classically trained multi-instrumentalist Kishi Bashi, his most recent, Sonderlust veers off into the land of indie-electronic rock, highlighting his ever evolving unique and broad musical approach. Live, he brings his infectious energy to a full band including strings, loops, beatboxing and on the fly experimentation which will be in full swing on 4/10 at High Noon Saloon with opener Tall Tall Trees.

Known for his trademark icy beats, glossed-up, stuttering drum machines, muffled bass, reverb, and plunking synthesizers, this 2017 winner of Producer of the Year at the Spellemannprisen, (think Norwegian Grammy Awards) gives us a chance to experience his electropop melodies when he plays through our area on 4/27 at the Majestic Theater in Madison with opener Jasper.

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Trifling through 10 is Clinquant

Cosmic Touch - Linked  to the Essence

Cosmic Touch - Linked to the Essence

Cosmic Touch

Album title: Linked to the Essence
Record Label: Visionary Shamanics
Rating: 9

Embark upon a deep feeling shamanic voyage of mystical basslines and organic rhythms. Drinking in this mind altering hypnotic musical elixir allows one to peek into a forgotten realm of delightful deliriums that this Finnish artist found amidst his unforgiving winter.

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Cosmic Touch online:

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Kai Altair - Shapeshifter: Dreamwalker Remixes

Kai Altair - Shapeshifter: Dreamwalker Remixes

Kai Altair

Album title: Shapeshifter: Dreamwalker Remixes
Record Label: Kai Altair
Rating: 10

Hailed as a ‘Modern Day Mermaid’, Kai Altair’s music is an ode to the ancient with futuristic flourishes and poppy etheric vocals. Featuring some of today’s top electronic high consciousness dj/producers (Desert Dwellers, Govinda, David Starfire, Kaminanda), and boasting a cover by Mugwort, this remix release is set to expound her wonders to a whole new audience in a whole new way.

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Kai Altair online:

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