Eclectic Vibes - August 2017

by Andrew Frey

Nahko Bear delivering his message

Nahko Bear delivering his message

Tidbits of reality keep on slipping away, only to be replaced by new ones each and every day. Tread lightly or you may…

From my end, Atwood Fest 2017 was a great success this year. A great selection of vendors and activities, great weather, wonderful sets by Natty Nation, People Brothers Band and others, plus a beautiful bevy of attendees propelled it to new heights. The sun was on it’s waning journey and the last, a very Grateful band, Mr Blotto was playing on the stage as my kids and I exited the event. Mr Blotto was showing off tracks from their latest EP, Rules of the Road, while the sights and aromas of the festival spun around us on our journey home. We bumped into Art Paul Schlosser on the way and he played us his song “Cookie,” much to the merriment and amusement of my boys. Can’t wait till next year!

If a close local weekend festival is on your agenda this summer, year 2 is bright and bumping at the Driftless Music Garden, located roughly 90 min from Madison. Bonfire, the first festival of the year there, had a significant increase in attendance and People Fest, the official festival of the amazing funktacular spectacular, People Brothers Band looks to be no different. I am especially looking forward to seeing Moonhouse, Jon Wayne & The Pain,  IFDAKAR, Tugg, Useful Jenkins and of course Big Wu! Frogleg and People Brothers Band offer us 2 sets, plus there is yoga and kid friendly activites. See ya there 8/10-12!

Highlighting Madison’s support for water protectors near and far, the Majestic Theater was sold out on 7/9 for the 5th Annual Love Water Not Oil Tour. Being the kick of point for the tour, the energy in the air was sparkling. Amid information and talks regarding current water protector hot spots, Annie Humphrey shared stories and points of life songs, but when Nahko took the stage, the audience took on a strong focus and hung on his every word. Powerful and emotionally evocative words which he gave freely to us through song and story. A grand and important evening of networking and music to be sure!

Experiencing zydeco blues masters is always a treat and so when Sonny Landreth comes to Madison as part of the excellent Central Park Sessions, we take note and take up audience. Known as “the King of Slydeco” Landreth has a lot to offer in the way of live performances and he will be touring through Madison in support of his first live album to be released in 12 years. Also on the docket for the evening are The Lost Bayou Ramblers, John Moulder, Darren Sterud & Al Falaschi. 8/17 at Central Park in Madison, WI.

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Bantam thru 10 is Transmundane

Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - Year of the Funky

Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - Year of the Funky

Bei Bei & Shawn Lee

Album title: Year of the Funky
Record Label: Légère Recordings
Rating: 9

Matching Chinese guzheng (zither) virtuoso/composer Bei Bei with the prolific multi-instrumentalist/producer Shawn Lee
(of Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra) is nothing short of magical and brilliant. This is their second combo release of genre bending, classically spun ancient musical mysteries hung amid studio magic and guitar landscapes. Mysterious emanations abound and are appreciated.

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Bei Bei & Shawn Lee online:

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Download Year of the Funky

Zymosis - Insight

Zymosis - Insight


Album title: Insight
Record Label: Sentimony Records
Rating: 10

Consciousness expanding psychedelic electronica woven with downtempo and trance, that wanders into a lot of heady territories. This Ukranian based project headed by Dimitro and Gree Shanti are prolific in their field and appear on a number of international compilations and releases and now the entrancing and invigorating “Insight” is sure to capture even more recognition.

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Zymosis online:

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