Eclectic Vibes - November 2017

by Andrew Frey

Satsang serenading the High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI - photo by Andrew Frey

Satsang serenading the High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI - photo by Andrew Frey

The Montana birthed trio known as Satsang was a big part of my summer. Catching them at several regional festivals as well as in Madison, their free flowing high consciousness embracing lyrics and modality of musicianship spread witty wisdom and blossomed wherever eager ears were awaiting. Their most recent, Pyramids, features great guests and event more mind expanding anthems than their first, The Story of You. Feel the bliss on 11/8 at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI with Earth to Clark.

Here’s the big one you’ve been waiting for!  The Seattle-based electronic duo of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight better known as Odesza are gliding through the area selling out shows of all shapes and sizes in support of their third full-length release, A Moment Apart, which is destined to become a new benchmark in the ‘chill’ music genre.  Filled with delicate anthems, dreamy rhythms and rich mesmerizing beats, it features spellbinding guest appearances from Leon Bridges, The Chamanas, Mansionair, Ry X, Regina Spektor, Naomi Wild, and Wynne. Check out their new and bigger stage show on 10/10 at Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI. With Sofi Tukker and Kasbo.

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Hebetudinous thru 10 is Stupendous

Dirty Heads - Swim Team

Dirty Heads - Swim Team

Dirty Heads

Album title: Swim Team
Record Label: Seven Five Records
Rating: 9

Dirty Heads’ 6th album covers all the bases. Encompassing elements of reggae, hip hop, dubstep, pop, world and alternative while utilizing everything from bongos and banjos to classical piano and synthesizers, these 12 tracks play and experiment with the bands fame at every turn, both lyrically and metaphorically. Benefiting from a bevy of collaborators (Jonas Jeberg, Rome, Blueprint, Oren Yoel, HEAVY and The Score) this release is bound to make it’s mark thanks to experimental approaches and invigorating production.

Appearing live on 11/18 at Orpheum Theater in Madison, WI with The Unlikely Candidates and Tyrone’s Jacket.

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Dutty Moonshine Band - Most Wanted

Dutty Moonshine Band - Most Wanted

Dutty Moonshine Band

Album title: Most Wanted
Record Label: Rocstar Recordings
Rating: 9

The electro swing genre keeps heating up and this debut album from Dutty Moonshine Band certainly fuels the fire! Capturing the swing era sound, then embellishing with skits and surprises before blasting it back to our future infused with hip hop, ghetto funk and filthy bass makes for a delicious slurp of manic musical entertainment.  This 14 piece big band from Bristol, UK brings zany amounts of energy and creativity to the stage when they headline festivals around the world. Look for them!

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Evanescence - Synthesis

Evanescence - Synthesis


Album title: Synthesis
Record Label: BMG
Rating: 9

Focusing on orchestra and electronica, Synthesis revamps and recomposes the groups top hits, plus 2 new songs, into a full symphonic experience. The amazing Amy Lee is the conductor and focal point of this touring extravaganza, playing piano and singing her heart and soul into this highly acclaimed and award winning music. A grandiose occurrence!
Appearing on 12/5 at Orpheum Theater in Madison, WI.

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