Eclectic Vibes - April 2018

by Andrew Frey

Puddles and Andrew Frey

Puddles and Andrew Frey

Is “Struggle Snuggle” an action verb?

What a grand time I had when I attended the Puddles Pity Party show on March 22 at the Barrymore Theater. I was lucky enough to find a seat in the front row and then Puddles, the “7’ tall sad clown with a golden voice” took a shining to me and invited me on stage while he performed his version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity. SWOON! Since we saw him a couple years ago, his show has improved and evolved into an even more entrancing entertainment spectacle than before. What a treat!

“Rape is such a strong term, I prefer the term Struggle Snuggle,” was one of the incendiary tweets that surfaced from Canadian dubstep DJ Datsik (Troy Beetles) prior to his entire career going down in flames in less than 24 hours. Never before have I been to a show that precipitated as much furor and outrage as the Datsik show at the Orpheum Theater on 3/13. The show itself went seemingly well. Large crowd, but not sold out. I arrived during Riot 10, enjoyed Space Jesus and danced hard to Datsik. However, beginning the next morning, several women began posting sexual assault accusations against Datsik to social media. Accusations apparently well founded, because by the end of the day Datsik had announced the cancellation of his tour and festival dates, two of his management/PR firms had dropped him from their rosters, he stepped down from his label, Firepower Records, and was booted from Ephwurd, his side-project with fellow DJ Bais Haus. WOW! So long Datsik.

Chicago-based DJ John “JmaC” McCarten is Manic Focus, a broad minded electronic artist fond of organic instrumentation, future funk sounds, and hip-hop beats.

Not constrained to any one genre, over the last 6 years, he has released five full-length albums and a slew of colorful remixes filled with great collaborations, soulful blues and solid bass lines. Once again out on the road, he brings us his Super Happy Fun Time Tour on 4/21 at Majestic Theater in Madison, WI with Artifakts.

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Diminutive thru 10 is Brobdingnagian

Art Paul Schlosser and Friends - Duet Right

Art Paul Schlosser and Friends - Duet Right

Art Paul Schlosser and Friends

Album title: Duet Right
Record Label: Art Paul Schlosser
Rating: 6

What could be better than a new Art Paul Schlosser record? An Art Paul record with 26 songs harnessing more than that many of his friends!  Recorded in various studios at various times, with wildly varying degrees of production, this long time Madison musician, often seen playing on street corners with his acoustic guitar and kazoo, shows off many of his tried and true “hits” here including Cookie, Bubbles, Purple Bananas on the Moon, Pink Pants and I Want To Hold Your Toe. Always eclectic, off the wall and never boring!

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Joe Ford - Colours in Sound

Joe Ford - Colours in Sound

Joe Ford

Album title: Colours in Sound
Record Label: Shogun Audio
Rating: 9

Invigorating glitch hop electronica spiced with vocal segments and compelling beats are what Colours in Sound is all about. Not afraid to drop the beat and keep the show going, this release spans a wide spectrum of styles, while maintaining a very active drum n bass base. Friendly to the ears as well as the dance floor!

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Joe Ford online:

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Grouch in Dub - Grouch in Dub

Grouch in Dub - Grouch in Dub

Grouch in Dub

Album title: Grouch in Dub
Record Label: Shanti Planti
Rating: 8

Globe trotting New Zealand electronic producer Grouch (Oscar Allison) has tested and tried many styles and genres of music, but with Grouch in Dub he has really hit his stride. Harnessing a number of guest collaborators who inject everything from vocals, trumpet and clarinet to violin, sitar and bansuri to his psychedelic dub-tastic mixes, further accentuate his fluid approach, while also fulfilling his live performances.  A sublime offering filled with style and pizzazz.

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Opiuo - SYZYGY 01

Opiuo - SYZYGY 01


Album title: SYZYGY 01
Record Label: Slurp Music
Rating: 9

This 5 song EP has reinvigorated my love for the New Zealand born DJ, Opiuo! Offering a varied selection of his award winning electro funk styles and swampy bass beat approaches, it serves as a great launch for his summer US tour, specifically his appearance on 4/21 at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado which will feature an exclusive live performance with a 20-piece orchestral set, the Syzygy Orchestra.

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