Eclectic Vibes - September 2018

by Andrew Frey

Moon Hooch

Moon Hooch

Wisconsin based festivals are on the rise and the Vibe High Festival is one to be aware of. Headlined by Jon Wayne and the Pain and Satsang, the lineup also includes Natty Nation, Useful Jenkins, Earth to Clark, Chase Makai and many others. It all takes place at the Sweet Minihaha Campground in Brodhead, WI on 9/7-8, with a preparty on 9/6.

The multi faceted electronic based music of CloZee (aka Chloé Herry) evokes an intoxicating marriage of glitch hop and future bass. Her shamanic backdrops are infused with ethnic elements, exotic strings and percussion in a cinematic fashion, which makes her compositions tantalizing and emotive. See what she has to offer at the Majestic Theater in Madison, WI on 9/28.

The bombastic horn-and-percussion trio known as Moon Hooch is coming, so you better get ready! Their uncooth handling of saxophone and drums cause a throttling of jazz and funk antics that whip a crowd into a frenzy where ever they play. Get your Hooch on 9/29 at Majestic Theater in Madison, WI.

The first show I plan to see at the brand new Sylvee Theater in downtown Madison is Primus!  This legendary bass fronted trio will be touring in support of their newest release, The Desaturating Seven, which is essentially a concept album, based upon the book “Rainbow Goblins” by Ul de Rico. Who knows what kind of crazy show they will treat us to? Get your “gob on” and dress like your favorite Goblin or Primus character and win a prize when you see them live at the Sylvee Theater in Madison, WI on 10/1.

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Obstreperous thru 10 Conspicuous

David Starfire - Primal

David Starfire - Primal

David Starfire

Album title: Primal
Record Label: Amrita Recordings
Rating: 10

Los Angeles based producer David Starfire certainly has a talent for creating enthralling world beat based electronica! This EP which features guests SOOHAN, and Patrick D, plus a collab with Justin Terranova, stylishly transports you across a wide musical terrain with invigorating beats and anthemic refrains. More please.

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Underworld & Iggy Pop - Teatime Dub Encounters

Underworld & Iggy Pop - Teatime Dub Encounters

Underworld & Iggy Pop

Album title: Teatime Dub Encounters
Record Label: Caroline International
Rating: 8

An unlikely coupling that pops before sputtering. As Iggy spouts surreal soliloquies and reflective prose, Underworlds creates a polished cache of catchy electronica. The concept is novel yet cantankerous, and not historical, just current spontaneous creativity from this pairing, flowing as it will into unlikely places.

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