Eclectic Vibes - November 2018

by Andrew Frey

Warm Wet Rag as Ween at Harmony Bar on 10/27/18 - photo by Andrew Frey

Warm Wet Rag as Ween at Harmony Bar on 10/27/18 - photo by Andrew Frey

My October was filled with so much great music! Starting with the portly presentation of Primus for my first time at The Sylvee on 10/1, before the percussive electronica of The Glitch Mob, also at The Sylvee on 10/10. I was way down for the funky future bass of SoDown and Opiuo at the Majestic Theater on 10/18 and I even got Weened by the well clad and true to form Warm Wet Rag at the Harmony Bar on 10/27. But Big Gigantic on 10/31, that was really something!

Starring Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper, the soundtrack to the movie A Star Is Born will make musical ripples for years to come. Although this is a revamp of the 1976 movie, the music is new and fresh and magical. The heart wrenching plot line attaches emotional charge to each of these tracks in such a way that many of them immediately become iconic.

Cello’s are awesome. And this group gives you a flock of cellos performing string led retakes on a wide range of contemporary artists (From Pantera to Taylor Swift to Kanye West) along side classical (Bach, Rossini, and Saint-Saens). Part of their mission is to bring cello to places you normally wouldn’t see them, and they have! When they come to Madison this time, they will be at the UW Union Theater on 11/9.

Need a dose of party pumping progressive EDM? Look no further than DJ Minnesota (aka Christian Bauhofer). One of the innovators and originators in the bass music field, he has been throwing down melodic dubstep and hard hitting glitch hop as long as anyone and is out touring again. Find him with Zeke Beats, Pigeon Hole, and Star Monster at the Majestic Theater in Madison, WI on 11/9

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Crestfallen thru 10 is Irradiant

Turkuaz - Life In The City

Turkuaz - Life In The City


Album title: Life In The City
Record Label: Electric Habitat Music
Rating: 10

Expressive and fun, this nonet from Brooklyn will blow your socks off with their energy poppin’ horns, strong jams and catchy rhythms. Dripping with splashes of funk, rock, alternative and R&B this group brings momentous energy and presence to Life In The City as well as their live shows wherever they may be found. Find em nearby on 11/15 at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI

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Twenty One Pilots - Trench

Twenty One Pilots - Trench

Twenty One Pilots

Album title: Trench
Record Label: Fueled By Ramen
Rating: 9

Bands with 2 billion+ hit videos are hard to ignore. That being said, this groups bizarre yet amazingly attractive conflagration of alt rock, hip hop, metal, and singer songwriter swings are often as confounding as they are comforting. But it works! Trench definitely captures their signature sound and approach, but simply isn’t quite as high strung as prior releases. It is still lyrically provoking though and offers a bunch of great songs and potential mega hits.

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