Eclectic Vibes - December 2019

by Andrew Frey

People Brothers Band at Majestic for NYE - photo by De Wook Photography

People Brothers Band at Majestic for NYE - photo by De Wook Photography

Genre masher and boundary crosser, the 22 year old DJ Kai Wachi will tantalize and hypnotize your senses before blasting you with ear-battering bass blossoms. Although he has produced some fine songs that utilize poppy electro synth and trap elements with female vocals, it’s his extreme electronics’ breakneck rhythms and commanding massive drops that will leave you speechless. Become part of the Skull Crew when Kai Wachi brings his Demigod tour to Liquid Nightclub in Madison, WI on 12/21 with Sam Lamar.  

New Year’s may be at midnight, but there are a lot of great things that lead up to that time. Perhaps it would be best to start things off at the Candlelight Meditation for World Peace held at the Kadampa Meditation Center before heading over to the Monona Terrace for the Madison Family Eve? But if you want a different pace, the Ball Drop Blitz theatrical performances at the Bartell Theatre will perk your interest. The big events later in the evening are long and many, but my picks would be People Brothers Band, Porky’s Groove Machine, Frogleg, and Feed the Dog at the Majestic Theatre or Wurk, and Spare Change Trio at The Winnebago. For the total die hards, the Crucible has events till 7am! The performers include James Pennington, Soundmurderer, Mystic Bill, Starski & Clutch, Kitty Spit, Jared Perez, Otto, Cykophuk, Delilac, Hardcore Breakfast, Demix, Jethrox, Piledriver. Until next year!

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Trammelling thru 10 is Elucidating

The Darkness - Easter Is Cancelled

The Darkness - Easter Is Cancelled

The Darkness

Album title: Easter Is Cancelled
Record Label: Cooking Vinyl Limited
Rating: 8

Looking for a buff Savior just in time for Xmas? The obvious choice here would be the crotch-thrusting rock’n’roll group The Darkness! The sixth album from these British rockers still screams and strains with cheesy iconic hooks and riffin a plenty. Like a trip through the hairy 80s, the finger flying beginning gives way to the power ballads before apexing with anthemic fist pumpers. Good to go.

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Ecstatic Music of Gaia - Angels

Ecstatic Music of Gaia - Angels

Ecstatic Music of Gaia

Album title: Angels
Record Label: Merkaba Music
Rating: 9

Cleverly released on 11/11, EMOG’s release capitalizes on the energetic opening this time and date created by taking the listener on an Angelic journey fruited by the electronic lands of psydub and psychill. Embark on these ethereal yet ecstatic soundscapes and plug into lessons from the 5 big Archangles; Gabriel, Jophiel, Auriel, Raphael and Michael. Who’s ready to ascend?

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FKA twigs - Magdalene

FKA twigs - Magdalene

FKA twigs

Album title: Magdalene
Record Label: Young Turks Recordings
Rating: 9

Poignant, compelling, artistic and unique, English singer and songwriter FKA twigs’ second studio release emanates emotions and rhythms as bare and brilliant as a crystal clear star lit sky. These strikingly sad, forlorn and heartbroken compositions are peaked by the ethereal vocals and biting lyrical content. Meticulously subtle yet miraculously expressive. Look for her in the feature film “Honey Boy.”

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