Eclectic Vibes - August 2014

by Andrew Frey

Thought for the day: If you shift the rules for Platonic Solids to include curved surfaces, a new shape called the Trion-Re’ emerges. This new solid described as having 2-vertices, 3-flexible edges, 3-equal faces, an inside and an outside and spin ability, can therefore be used to generate new versions of the other five Platonic Solids. This changes our view of all thing Platonic and kinda made my reality melt a little with the implications.

By far this months biggest festival is the Summer Set Music Festival taking place in Somerset, WI Aug 15-17. Big names, big numbers, big fun! Get down and boogie to Bassnectar, Wu-Tang Clan, Big Gigantic, The Disco Biscuits, Flux Pavilion and tons, tons, tons more!

Known for such crowd-stopping songs as ‘I Want Your Shit On My Leg’, ‘My Shit is Perfect and ‘Boob Scotch’ this one-man blues band known as BOB LOG III wears a full body human cannonball suit topped off with a motorcycle helmet wired to a telephone receiver. Needless to say, this must be seen to be believed. As such, believers will be congregating on 8/26 at the Frequency in Madison.

Punk bands come and punk bands go, but a few punk bands have never left. Having been active since 1986, Screeching Weasel has been through it all and is back yet again. This time they will be touring through after their successful Idiegogo crowd funding campaign aimed at funding part one of their new two part rock opera concept album Baby Fat: Act 1. Love em or loath em they will be screeching your way on Aug 22 at the High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI with openers Flatfoot 56 and The Hypnic Jerks.

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Shabby 10 is Shiny

Anchor Hill - Medicine Grove

Anchor Hill - Medicine Grove

Anchor Hill

Album title: Medicine Grove
Record Label: Luminosity Project
Rating: 8

Flowing electronica that takes you on adventures through mystic soundscapes and majestic altitudes. While exploring eddies of jazzy sojourns and reflections of forgotten terrain in dreamy forests of glitch-hop, one is allowed take the time to make revelations of discovery and introspection. The dancing rhythms and cozy vibrations access a necessary solitude to find success and inspiration.

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Fine Alarm Funk - Abandonearth

Fine Alarm Funk - Abandonearth

Fine Alarm Funk

Album title: Abandonearth
Record Label: CD Baby
Rating: 9

Even though the album is themed as, “A DIABOLICAL journey to the center of the Earth and the subsequent DESTRUCTION of the planet!!!” you probably aren’t expecting what this 9 member heavy funk outfit from Vancouver has cooked up for you as they blast through a barrage of breakneck Balkan brass n punk infused musical roller coaster rides while vocally sounding like a gruffer Gogol Bordello. Surprising and refreshing!

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Lotus - Gilded Age

Lotus - Gilded Age


Album title: Gilded Age
Record Label: Lotus Vibes Music LLC
Rating: 9

Continuing to explore and develop new and old facets of their musical awareness, long time favorites Lotus give us a release focused on the original organic instruments: drum, bass, guitar, piano and percussion. Combined with the fact they recorded it live to analog tape means the sound is very front and center for the listener. Guest vocalist Steve Yutzy-Burkey is featured on this first of three tracks on the album, which also gives the release a fulfillment of another kind. The Gilded Age proves once again that the ethereal ambiance that Lotus is known for will continue unabated.

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Zebbler Encanti Experience - Freakquency

Zebbler Encanti Experience - Freakquency

Zebbler Encanti Experience

Album title: Freakquency
Record Label: Gravitas Records
Rating: 10

A dynamic and very contemporary combination of styles and sounds including but not limited to dubstep, glitch, psytrance, and trap produce what ZEE have dubbed psytrap. While the effervescent melodies and buoyant bass lines will capture your attention, the manic breaks of tension and release will activate all but the completely comatose. I can’t wait to see this combined with their legendary projection light shows!

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