Eclectic Vibes - October 2014

by Andrew Frey

The Polish Ambassador

The Polish Ambassador

Samhain (pronounced “sow-in” with the “ow” like in “cow”) comes but once a year and means much more than candy and costumes. The lore is long and the tales are numerous. However, while the veil is thin, much can be accomplished. The choice is yours as to how this opportunity is utilized. Honor and remember those that have passed and may your next year sing with the music of many blessings.

Nahko Bear (along with his band Medicine for the People) easily captured my entertainer of the year award last year both for his stellar performances as well as his breakthrough soul-searing release, Dark as Night. Since then, Nahko has only gotten better and more popular on a global level. I am super excited that they are coming back to the Majestic Theater in Madison on 10/9. If you believe in the good things coming, you will want to be there. Opening the show will be Dustin Thomas who doubles as bass player for Medicine for the People.

The magical gypsy-tronica trio known as Beats Antique, along with Lafa Taylor, Emancipator, and Shpongle are kicking off their new Creature Carnival tour in Madison. Known for their amazing visuals, stunningly theatrical performances, and genre defying musical escapades, Beats Antique sold out most of their Thousand Faces tour and show no signs of stopping any time soon. Choose which creature you want to be for the show and participate in the fun. This is such a fantastic lineup! I couldn’t have dreamed up anything more delightful. 10/15 at the Orpheum Theater in Madison.

Not a political diplomat, but a musical ambassador of experimental funktronica and ecological principles, The Polish Ambassador (aka David Sugalski) weaves world-infused glitch grooves with bass-fueled breaks crossed by psy-fi lullabies. Richly colored and grown by the streets of Chicago and San Francisco, the Polish Ambassador project has grown from simple beginnings to steady and prolific releases as well as a record label, Jumpsuit Records. As part of his ecological viewpoints, he is committed to carbon-neutral touring, so make sure to drive your Nissan Leaf down to the Majestic Theater in Madison on 10/23.

Wookiefoot is pretty much their own phenomenon. Their performances consistently fall into the best of the year category for me. Their Now Age lyrical witticisms and genre-spanning grooves inspire anthems which fuel the fire for their spectacular stage shows and high minded ideology. Since 2006, WookieFoot and the Harmony Park Community have been fundraising for international relief and sustainable development causes. Since then, that idea has evolved into the 501c3 Non Profit, “Be the Change”, with a mission of bringing people together to educate, volunteer, fund-raise, and raise awareness for our global future. Their community efforts have raised over $350,000 in seven years. If you, too, want to be part of that change, show up, support, and participate in the festivities at High Noon Saloon in Madison on 10/25.

Not a lot of convincing necessary here for highly acclaimed French born DJ Cedric Gervais. He was the winner of the Grammy for Best Remix 2013. His multi-Platinum selling Singles have peppered Beatport, Buzz, Hype Machine & Cool Cuts Charts Number 1?s. He has presented 2 BBC Radio One Essential mixes and has his own weekly Global Radio Show. His residencies in Las Vegas, New York and Miami prepare him for a yearly tour schedule & sell out shows spanning the world over. Recently he inked a new major label deal with Universal Worldwide (Polydor / Interscope), and the list goes on! That being said, Cedric will blow it up at Segredo in Madison for a rare Midwest date on 10/30.

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Monochrome 10 is Lenticular

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong - Psychology

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong - Psychology

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Album title: Psychology
Record Label: self-published
Rating: 9

The name may be a bit flighty, but this energizing electro jam funk from Baltimore, MD is not for the birds. Amid dance inducing glee from all the psychedelic guitar noodling and heavy driving bass, the highly energized funk quartet delivers solid crowd pleasing anthems as well as jam rock improvisations which in the end will find them perching on your musical mantle for months to come. 

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Kalya Scintilla - Open Ancient Eyes

Kalya Scintilla - Open Ancient Eyes

Kalya Scintilla

Album title: Open Ancient Eyes
Record Label: Merkaba Music
Rating: 9

Memories of futures past are found in the mystical multidimensional soundscapes and tribal journeys generated by Australia’s Kalya Scintilla. An ethnic fusion of electronica and lush healing vibrations give rise to meditative dubstep breakouts, but also chill into meditative paths of ascendant love rhythms, which makes for a well-rounded delightful dose of seductive sonic bliss.

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Too Many Zooz - Fanimals EP

Too Many Zooz - Fanimals EP

Too Many Zooz

Album title: Fanimals EP
Record Label: Sub Pop
Rating: 9

Redefine your dance moves when you get down to the jagged jazz disturbances generated by this trio composed of trumpet, baritone sax and drums. Honing their craft by blowing peoples minds while subway busking in NYC, TMZ is a squealing barrage of brass over dynamic defining beats that results in an invigorating booty shaking funk-jazz jam session.

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