Eclectic Vibes - December 2014

by Andrew Frey

Steel Panther

Steel Panther


Puddles the Clown is my new hero. He may be yours too.


Trendy words are such a funny phenomenon to consider, but the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2014 is VAPE. (And it has really just begun.) Many other tantalizing words were considered, including bae, normcore, slacktivism and budtender, but vape just blew em all away. Way to go vape! Does this mean vapecore, vapetivism and vapetenders are just around the corner?


Parody hair metal band Steel Panther is coming to Madison to shoot their wad in your face and any other place they are able. Touring in support their most recent release, “All You Can Eat”, this outrageous throwback attack isn’t afraid to repeatedly go right for the nutsack. Come bang your head and laugh your ass off on 12/21 at the Orpheum Theater in Madison.


Every holiday season is certainly more tolerable with a little extra pussy! Thankfully, southern-fried sleaze-rock band Nashville Pussy will be spewing venom from their newest release, “Up the Dosage”, in addition to all their nefarious hits from over the years on Dec. 11 at the Majestic Theater in Madison. Openers Valient Thorr and Against the Grain will get the juices flowing.

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Delusory, 10 is Prodigious

Blockhead - Bells and Whistles

Blockhead - Bells and Whistles


Album title: Bells and Whistles
Record Label: Ninja Tune
Rating: 9

Snatching snippets across time and genre, Blockhead provides a fine blend of vintage ambiance crossed with contemporary electronica. Surges of warped melodies find home amid the morphed mantras, jazzy infections and serene soundscapes.

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Blockhead online:

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Dopapod - Never Odd or Even

Dopapod - Never Odd or Even


Album title: Never Odd or Even
Record Label: self-published
Rating: 8

Album number 4 finds our palindrome heroes tighter, broader, more defined, and roaring with exuberant new material. Strong jams and great breakdowns are the highlights that propel this swiftly flowing funky rock with electronic embellishments and melodic grooves to new frontiers and expectations.

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Dopapod online:

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Soulacybin - Funkerpump

Soulacybin - Funkerpump


Album title: Funkerpump
Record Label: self-published
Rating: 9

Liquid beats drip over hyper glitched bass bumps while living in a glistening alien landscape. Squishing upbeat ambiance becomes writhing dance experimentations while abduction fantasies are punctuated by space dub delights and psychedelic planetary perspectives. Yet another delightful Denver treat! 

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Soulacybin online:

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Yaima - Pellucidity

Yaima - Pellucidity


Album title: Pellucidity
Record Label: Jumpsuit Records
Rating: 9

As the term pellucidity means “to allow the maximum passage of light, to see clearly, as clear as fresh water in a mountain lake,” the album named from that term fills listeners’ ears with clear visions of floating melodies that glide amid world rhythms harnessing haunting yet beautiful soundscapes that are anchored by blissful female vocals on a sonic journey through the cosmos within and without. 

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Yaima online:

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