Eclectic Vibes - February 2015

by Andrew Frey

the Magic Piper: That 1 Guy

the Magic Piper: That 1 Guy

Regardless of public opinion, flying drones were all the rage at CES in Las Vegas this year with roughly 100 companies ready to unleash their drone products in the marketplace. However the FCC has been stalling their progress by not allotting or designating airspace to these new airborne devices (which is also why we don’t have flying cars). The next question is how soon we will see drone security at festivals, drone roadies carrying equipment, drone-driven light shows or the first all-drone band?

This month’s mega dose of world music will be a double whammy delivered by none other than Zap Mama and tour mates Antibalas. They will have undoubtedly have Madison hopping with their stellar afro beat rhythms and wild funk break downs. Zap Mama is touring in support of their soon-to-be-released self-titled album and, as usual, will be led by the dynamic Marie Daulne as she brings with her twenty years of experience and excitement. Sure to be a show stopper! They will be performing in on 2/15 at Shannon Hall (Wisconsin Union Theatre).

Creative musical visionary Mike Silverman is That 1 Guy. Equipped with his one of a kind instrument dubbed ‘The Magic Pipe’ and an assortment of other musical tools and magical treasures, he is a unique one-man band with style, pizzazz and copious amounts of creativity. Averaging 150-200 shows a year all over North America and Canada, That 1 Guy can be found a festivals and venues large and small. Find this unparalleled experience on 2/16 at High Noon Saloon in Madison and on 2/17 at the Warehouse in LaCrosse, WI.

Producer/guitarist Matt Hill and drummer Mark Hill are the two brothers that comprise the explosive cutting edge electronic funk dance party known as The Floozies. Their energetic and often sold out shows have earned them numerous accolades and exaltations all around the country and there are no signs of them stopping any time soon. Catch them on their two night romp through Madison at the Majestic Theater on 2/19-20 as they kick out the jams and treat the audience to selections off of their fabulous new release, Do Your Thing.

Continuing to make waves with his head-bopping future bass, the Colorado producer known as Paper Diamond presents his Rain Drops Tour which coincides with his new Rain Drops EP.  Paper Diamond’s high-energy electronic music sticks to no single genre, but winds through hip hop, glitch, funk, space synth and more. Plus, he has promised, “This will be the most insane touring rig that we’ve ever had out on the road!” See what there is to see on 3/4 at Majestic Theater in Madison with support from gLadiator and Louis Futon.

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Acrimonious 10 is Felicitous

Ganga Giri - Earthwise Vol 1

Ganga Giri - Earthwise Vol 1

Ganga Giri

Album title: Earthwise Vol 1
Record Label: self-published
Rating: 9

Fusing body-thumping electronic bass music with lots of didgeridoo and other unique musical elements gathered from his native Australian experimentations, Ganga Giri is inspiring a positive celebration of global community by featuring an impressive line-up of musicians and vocalists from all over the globe on his Earthwise releases (vol 2 and 3 to follow shortly). Unique and invigorating adventures into the land down under and beyond.

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Liquid Bloom - Heart of the Shamans: Ceremonial Medicine Songs

Liquid Bloom - Heart of the Shamans: Ceremonial Medicine Songs

Liquid Bloom

Album title: Heart of the Shamans: Ceremonial Medicine Songs
Record Label: White Swan Records
Rating: 9

Shamans have evolved over time and so has the ceremonial music they utilize. Liquid Bloom (aka Amani Friend (also part of Desert Dwellers) has produced a vivid sonic diorama imbued with a variety of global rhythms filled with expressive vocals and chants in plush natural atmospheres to evoke trance states for new awakenings and perspective changing visions. Blissful beauty anchored by traditional rhythms in a contemporary architecture.

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