Eclectic Vibes - July 2015

by Andrew Frey

 - photo by Be The Change

- photo by Be The Change


Festivals come in all shapes and sizes, from drunken, rowdy and overbearing to devotional chanting with yoga and workshops. But when attending an intimate festival that is charity driven and uniquely co-created, they sometimes have a certain level of happy bliss overflowing. Such was the case for this year’s very family friendly Project Earth Festival at Harmony Park in Minnesota. Excellent sets from Dustin Thomas, Shaman’s Dream, Tubby Love, Chris Berry, Nahko Bear, and ultimately Wookiefoot set the tone high and allowed many wonderful things to happen, including a fairy fashion show for the kids, hours and hours of firespinning each night and the longest spiral dance I have ever seen! I believe in the good things coming. Be part of the change.


1983 was when it all began for the band the Melvins. That was when King Buzzo and crew started delivering their unique experimental sludge, doom, noise, and drone rock to the masses. Dozens of releases and a ridiculous amount of touring miles later, they are as unpredictable and tenacious as ever. Catch em with Le Butcherettes on 7/8 at Double Door in Chicago, 7/9 at High Noon Saloon in Madison and 7/11 at Grumpy’s in Minneapolis.


Japanese noise rock is rarely presented in a more cacophonous yet enthralling manner than Melt Banana! Since 1992 this spasdic outfit has been redefining experimental noise rock around the world and throughout the universe. This time around they are showing off their newest, Return of 13 Hedgehogs, which happens to be a compilation of their singles from 2000-2009.  They will be appearing with Torche on 7/14 at the Empty Bottle in Chicago and 7/15 at High Noon Saloon.


As uncouth and farflung as it initially sounds, combining psychedelic surf rock with Cambodian pop and African percussion has worked amazingly well for the Los Angeles based band Dengue Fever. Their sixth studio album, The Deepest Lake, is another compelling and enjoyable example of East meeting West while also injecting some American R&B and other adventurous musical elements. Their songs are primarily sung in a Cambodian dialect by lead vocalist Chhom Nimol, with occasional bursts of English that add considerably to the overarching multi-cultural flavor of the music. Appearing FREE on 7/30 at Central Park in Madison along with Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble and Henggai, a band from inner Mongolia.

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Taciturn 10 is Euphuistic

Ryanosaurus - Conscious Comfort

Ryanosaurus - Conscious Comfort


Album title: Conscious Comfort
Record Label: Merkaba Music
Rating: 10

Australian producer Ryan Whare (aka Rynasaurus) weaves a fascinating release by combining a variety of tantalizing instrument and foley recordings with glitchy digital elements. His exploration of a variety of emotions, burbling and warbling textures, and distant psychedelic universes tickles the mind and spit shines the soul. And don’t we all need at least a little more of that?

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Vermillion - Vermillion

Vermillion - Vermillion


Album title: Vermillion
Record Label: Self Released
Rating: 8

Death metal comes in many forms, speeds and inclinations. This Madison based foursome likes their brutality slow but super heavy and in a retro vein. These long time scene supporters and metal monsters unleash their fury to the unsuspecting masses amidst bursts of putrid passion, societal vulgarity and eviscerating attitude.

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