Eclectic Vibes - August 2015

by Andrew Frey

Keller Williams

Keller Williams


The People’s Brothers Band has really been taking off over the last few years. On 7/23 we were treated to a FREE taste of their sweet musical nectar when they opened for Useful Jenkins at the Majestic Theater. Winner of the best Pop/R&B Album of the Year award at the 2015 MAMA’s for their Middle of the In Between release, the People’s Brothers Band is an infectious dance party waiting to happen wherever they play, and on this night they whipped the crowd into a fever that was joy to be a part of. Additionally, for the band’s 7th Anniversary they are throwing another edition of People’s Fest on August 6 - 8, 2015 at The Bullpen in Hillsboro, WI.


Two nights of FREE noteworthy music happened in Madison 7/30-31. First was the season opener of the Central Park Sessions, held at Olbrich Park (due to construction). It featured Gypsy Swing Ensemble, Dengue Fever and Hanggai. To get to see and hear the tantalizing variety of throat singing and traditional Mongolian rhythms that Hanggai offered was amazing enough, but to have it coupled with the moon sparkling on Lake Monona in the background was awe inspiring indeed.
Night two took us to Live on King Street and offered us Zella Day, San Fermin and Cloud Cult. While Cloud Cult had two artists spinning their magic behind this impassioned art rock outfit, San Fermin demonstrated a rousing soul stomp to their live performance. But the night wasn’t over. With the blue moon still shining bright, we bolted over to the UW Memorial Union Terrace and managed to catch the last hour of a spectacular Natty Nation set. I fuckin’ love Madison in the summer!


As they hop across the US, the hi-tech 100% improvised hyperdrive band known as EOTO will be stopping in Madison, WI at Segredo on 8/20. Over the years its members, multi-instrumentalist Michael Travis and percussionist/vocalist, Jason Hann have utilized their impressive musical talents to load their stage with computers, loopers, midi controllers, routers, software, mixers, and the latest in music technology to forge something totally unique in the electronic dance music arena; an ever changing, ever morphing experimental extravaganza. What will they bring to us on this date?


Keller Williams began as a very independent independent artist, known for his constantly changing, yet consistently engaging live performances since he came on the music scene in the early ’90s. But times have changed and Keller has since played with a great number of other artists in various combinations. For his current Acoustic Dance Music (ADM) tour, Keller will be joined by Rodney Holmes on drums and Rob Wasserman on upright bass. Both Rodney and Rob are Grammy Award winning composer and producers and have worked with a multitude of musicians too many to list. Keller himself notes that he is, “absolutely giddy with excitement and ideas” about the trio, so one only can guess what sublime compositions and performances will evolve out of this teaming. Find out for yourself 8/28 at the Majestic Theater in Madison, WI and 8/29 at The Cabooze in Minneapolis.

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Rigzin - Transition

Rigzin - Transition


Album title: Transition
Record Label: Self Released
Rating: 9

Death. The importance of the moment of death has been recognized by Tibetan Buddhism for 1000’s of years. This is a pivotal doorway to our eternal consciousness. How we approach this becomes our life’s final journey. Transition offers 15 tracks of etheric prayers, uplifting mantras, and thought provoking chants spun with ancient as well as contemporary interfaces that are designed and offered in support of this process of dying.

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Various Artists - Glitch & Funk Volume 1

Various Artists - Glitch & Funk Volume 1

Various Artists

Album title: Glitch & Funk Volume 1
Record Label: Adapted Records
Rating: 10

Once in a great while a compilation is more than a collection of songs. Occasionally it is replayable party mix of highly memorable artists that continually blow your mind. So it is with Melbourne Australia’s Adapted Records compilation of Glitch & Funk. This release shows off a reverberant selection of body moving funky bass crossed with uplifting vibes amid memorable electronic elicitations and breakdowns.

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